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MidWeekTease - 4 July 2018 - And The Cat Came Back

4 July 2018:

Thanks as always to Angelica Dawson for hosting the MidWeekTease - It’s a great way to learn about other authors and their work.

This week I have another excerpt from And The Cat Came Back, a contemporary gay romance. This story stars Foofuss, a very manipulative, matchmaking cat who’ll stop at nothing to fix what he’s decided needs fixing. This week’s excerpt continues on from the one I posted last week. Enjoy!

And The Cat Came Back
By Christiane France


Home renovator Seth Lawley is ready to settle down if the right man comes along, but he’s cautious. He believes he who hesitates saves himself a whole lot of heartbreak.

Grant Kenyon, on the other hand, is ready to take a chance. He figures anyone who hesitates when it comes to grabbing what he wants from life risks losing out.

Foofuss, Grant’s bossy, matchmaking Persian cat, has decided his master needs company and Seth is it...that’s if he can figure out the perfect plan to bring the two of them together. 

“Our…what?” I swallowed a sudden lump in my throat. “A ghost at Sweet Briar? You have to be joking.”
The smile returned. “Don’t worry. It’s not in the house. It’s outside in the garden. The Realtor didn’t mention it?”
“We didn’t go through a Realtor. We’d heard the bank planned to auction a bunch of foreclosed properties, so we dealt directly with them.” I hesitated. Ben was going to go ballistic when he heard about the ghost. Especially if we put in all that work on top of the money we’d invested and had trouble finding a buyer. “Is this why the place has had so many owners?”
“No. The ghost, if that’s what it is, is fairly recent. Not the last guy, the one before him.”
Foo was wriggling and squirming, as if determined to escape Grant’s hold. Grant stepped back inside the house. “Why don’t you come in? Then I can put Foo down, and we can talk.”
I did as Grant asked, but the moment Foo regained his freedom, he began pawing at the closed door, demanding to be let out again.
Grant shook a finger at him. “Not happening, Foo, so go play with your toys like a good kitty.” Foo didn’t budge as much as a whisker. He simply stared at Grant, until Grant gave up, shook his head in defeat and turned back to me. “I just made coffee. Would you care for a cup?”
I was chilled from being outside, and the thought of hot coffee sounded great. “Sure. That’s if it’s no trouble.” The moment the words left my mouth, I wondered if accepting the invite might give him the wrong idea. It would be nice to have someone in my life, but I wasn’t desperate and I wasn’t ready to try making it happen with just anyone who snagged my attention.
“No trouble at all. You want to come on through?”
Grant came across as a friendly, likable guy, and he had a killer smile. The kind of man who draws you into his magic circle the moment he smiles and it’s as if you’ve known him forever. I’d met guys like this before, charming and disarming, and before I knew it, I had stars in my eyes and was saying yes to whatever they wanted. I knew nothing about Grant, but the zap of attraction I’d experienced when we first met was alive and well and growing with each passing second. I was also ninety-nine percent certain he was gay. Just enough information to make me determined to keep my guard up and our conversation on topic.
If I had even a smidgen of sense, I’d have refused Grant’s offer of coffee and left. But the man intrigued me, as did his talk of a ghost, and commonsense had never been my strong suit when I was curious about something. Such as to keep on going down an unknown road the way I had tonight when I should have turned back. Fate, or just coincidence? Taking a deep breath, I left Foo busy scrabbling at the door and followed Grant down a short hallway to the kitchen.

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