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WeWriWa - 23 June 2018 - Without A Clue

23 June 2018

As Christiane France, I write LGBT, MTS, PA, and RO. My alter ego, Chris Grover, writes MTS. This is a weekly blog hop where the participants post 8-10 sentences from a published work or a work in progress. The blog posts go live between 12:00 noon Saturday and 9:00a.m. Sunday. It’s a great way to discover new authors and expand networks. So be sure to visit and check out all the WeekendWritingWarriors blogs.

For this week’s edition of WeekendWritingWarriors I have yet another snippet from Without A Clue. A romantic mystery/suspense set in the City of Light and Love--Paris, France. In this snippet, Philippe continues trying to earn Paula’s trust. Enjoy!

Without A Clue
By Chris Grover
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          …If the thief finds out you are here, it will make him very nervous.”
          “Why? He doesn't know me.”
          “Not personally, perhaps. But I’m sure he’s kept himself informed as to any progress made by the police. This was no simple theft. It is connected to the deaths of two people and the police have evidence to prove the diary was in your brother's possession at that time.”
          “In other words, you believe he's waiting for the case to go cold before he tries to sell the diary.”
          “Exactly. But the longer he waits, the chances of something going wrong increase greatly.     
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Nine months ago, within hours of purchasing a valuable antiquarian diary for their grandfather, Paula Sinclair's brother, Eric, was killed by a car bomb and the diary disappeared.

Private investigator, Luc Dupré, along with the police, insist the diary was destroyed in the explosion. Paula isn't convinced. No trace of either the diary or Eric's briefcase was found in the rubble, and she takes it to mean the diary was stolen. The diary wasn't insured and with the bank still owed half a million dollars, Paula cannot sit idly by and watch her beloved grandfather forced into bankruptcy.

Following a mysterious phone call and a series of cryptic postcards, Paula returns to Paris to hear a rumor that the diary is being offered for sale by secret auction. She also finds out that the diary once belonged to Luc's family. When her relationship with Luc takes a sudden change from business to personal, she's positive he's using her and his job to get it back.
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  1. Oooh, the mystery grows--along with my indecisiveness. Is he a good guy? Or is he a bad guy? lol.

    You're doing a great job of building tension!

  2. I agree with Teresa. You've written tension along with many questions.

  3. This diary is causing a lot of problems for this family.

  4. It almost sounds like he'd like to use her for bait, to lure the thief out. Or is he trying to scare her away? So many questions!

  5. I love the intrigue you're building up with this, and I really want to know if he's a good guy or if he's just using her.

  6. I somehow don't think I'd trust him yet. But you're doing a great job of building the suspense! Will she or won't she?

  7. I wondered about him using her for bait, too. He still hasn't revealed what he knows, darn it! Keep the reader guessing.