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MidWeekTease - 14 March 2018 - Getting Real

14 March 2018:

Thanks as always to Angelica Dawson for hosting the MidWeekTease - It’s a great way to learn about other authors and their work.
My apologies for being MIA the past several weeks. Between a head cold that morphed into the flu/bronchitis/sinusitis, and a cough that just wouldn’t quit, then losing my sixteen-year old kitty, and pulling a muscle in my back, I haven’t been what you’d call with it.
I’m still suffering with the muscle and, needless to say, I’m still missing my kitty, but the good news is I’m feeling a lot better and the cough is gone, thanks to a weird concoction of bananas, boiling water and honey. I’ve even managed to add a few words to the wip.
This week I have another snippet from Getting Real, a contemporary gay romance where one of the men needs to grow up and start behaving like a responsible adult, and the other needs to distance himself from his controlling family. This snippet is when the two men finally meet.

Getting Real
By Christiane France
Available at iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

For TJ Delaney and Cole Labelle, it’s time to turn their lives around and get real.
TJ needs to exchange his playboy lifestyle for a job and prove he’s a responsible adult rather than a spoiled, rich brat.
Cole needs to free himself of his family’s control and their paranoid fears by proving being gay like his father is the only thing he and the man who gave him life have in common.


“Wow!” I muttered when I found my voice again. “He always like that?”
“No. Never,” the girl whispered, glancing over at his door. “Maybe he’s having a bad day or something. He’s nice with everyone and so patient—even tenants who come marching in here screaming their heads off, demanding the impossible or yelling for blood.”
“Maybe it’s me he doesn’t like?”
“What’s not to like?” She gave me her sweetest smile. “Anyway, he just met you this morning. It must be something else. Something he ate; problems with his family. Who knows?”
“He’s married?”
“No. No girlfriend either. Although…” She glanced again at Cole’s door, then beckoned me closer. “I’m not sure, but I think he swings the other way. The only personal calls he ever gets are from his mom and his sister.”
“That’s too bad,” I said, then changed the subject. “Is there anywhere nearby I can get a decent sandwich?”
“There’s an Italian restaurant around the corner on John Street. Their stuff is all homemade and also they have takeout.”
“That’s great. Thanks.”
I wasn’t about to enlighten Trish on my own ambivalent thoughts as to Cole’s sexuality, or give her details of my previous less-than-pleasant encounters with the man. Going by his behavior, he could be gay, straight, both, or plain not interested in anyone or anything but his own not very charming self. In fact, I’d concluded grim and grumpy was the way he behaved toward everyone. Now, after what Trish had just said, I wondered if his problem was simply fear of exposure. There are gays who prefer to keep it quiet for any number of reasons, and that’s their business. The fact discrimination is becoming a thing of the past doesn’t change some people’s thinking. There are still a few holdouts who won’t knowingly hire gays if they can get away with it, and there are those who are embarrassed about any gay members within their own family circles.
Be that as it may, it didn’t explain Cole’s hostile attitude toward me. If, indeed, he was gay and thought it would prevent me from guessing his secret, he was wrong. Maybe he thought once I knew I’d tell the whole world by posting it online. If so, he really did have a problem.

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  1. So sorry about your cat. They leave such a great big hole behind when they leave us. Glad you're back to teasing :-)

  2. Thanks, Doris. They do leave a hole, a very big one.

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  4. It always hurts when you lose a furbaby -- I'm so sorry. The tease is fabulous, and PLEASE, what's that recipe? I have a cough that is driving me nuts.