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MidWeekTease - 13 December 2017 - Chance Encounter

13 December 2017: 

Sorry! I’m late posting again this week. Blame it on me trying to get everything done, so I don’t get caught up in a last-minute Christmas frenzy.
Thanks so much to Angelica Dawson for hosting the MidWeekTease - It’s a great way to learn about other authors and their work.
This week I have another excerpt from Chance Encounter, a contemporary m/m romance about the reunion of former lovers.

Chance Encounter
Christiane France
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In high school and through their first year of college, Jase Thoman and Matt Lester were best friends and lovers. Then Matt’s family moved, Matt transferred to another school, and they drifted apart.
Ten years later, they meet again by chance. Jase is a private investigator, desperate to find his kid brother (Donny) who, in addition to two other teenage boys, disappeared after last being seen at a local gay bar. Matt is an undercover police officer, brought in by the local police department in the hope he can succeed where they’ve far failed.
Matt is the only man Jase has ever really loved, but ten years is a long time. They’re not the same people they once were. When Matt tries to pick up where they left off, Jase takes a step back. His first priority is finding his brother. As far as Matt is concerned, Jase feels how he imagines a deer would feel when caught in the headlights of a vehicle with little or no chance of escape—confused, unsure, and at the same time, positive whatever he does will be the wrong thing.

Matt knew Jase was right to put the brakes on. He still loved Jase, at least he was pretty sure he did, and he was reasonably certain Jase felt the same way about him. Even so, taking time out to be sure about their feelings was a good idea, and one he was more than willing to go along with. Living in Toronto was okay, if you liked big cities, but there was something warm and welcoming about the old steel town on the shores of Lake Ontario where he’d been born. He still had a couple of cousins and a few old school friends living here, and if things worked out with Jase…
“Sorry, but I’ve really got to get a move on,” Jase said, intruding into Matt’s thoughts. “I just need to use the bathroom, then we’ll go.”
“Yeah, me, too,” Matt said, and then he added, “Will I see you later on tonight?”
“That’s the plan. I can be at Rafe’s right when they open at nine if that’s okay.”
“Fine with me. That’ll give us plenty of time to do some serious snooping around for those hidden doors your caller mentioned.”
“That’s if they exist,” Jase said with a sigh.
“But why mention them if they don’t?”
Jase shrugged. “Beats me. But he must have had his reasons. And he said ways in which doesn’t necessarily mean a door. It could be anything from an unlocked window to an opening of some kind that’s been boarded over because it’s no longer in use.”
“Like one of those ramp things they used to roll the beer kegs down? I remember they had one at a tavern near where I lived as a kid.”
“Hey, good thought because way back before Rafe’s took over and tarted the place up it was a regular working man’s tavern. They probably took the ramp out years ago, but it’s worth double checking to make sure.”
After leaving Jase outside the drycleaners, Matt stopped at a drugstore to replenish his make-up supply for his role as Blade, the back-up singer. During his teenage years, he’d been split between the idea of a career in the entertainment business and one in law and order. But a summer gig with a local band in cottage country had been a big eye-opener. It had shown him a self-indulgent, vagabond lifestyle was one thing his orderly mind could never accept.
In fact, working with Dean and his boys was like taking a step back in time. Between containers of stale fast food, spills that were never cleaned up and an almost total absence of personal hygiene due to limited washroom facilities, the tour bus had a lot in common with the back of a garbage truck. As far as Matt was concerned, his current assignment couldn’t be over fast enough.
During the bus ride back to Rafe’s, Matt tried to envision the area behind the bar in his mind’s eye…the kitchen, the toilets, the storerooms, the rooms that were rented by the hour to customers, and the hallway that meandered through the building from the bar at the front to the delivery door in back. If there was another exit, he couldn’t even hazard a guess where it might be. But then everything was painted dark blue—doors, walls, even the ceilings, and the lighting was so bad if there were any secret doors or sliding panels they’d be exceedingly difficult to see.
After a lengthy stop-and-go ride through heavy, late afternoon traffic, the bus finally reached his stop, and, as he got off, Matt made a mental note to put the flashlight he kept with his personal possessions in his pocket. Maybe Jase didn’t believe in the existence of other exits, but Matt did. The building that housed Rafe’s was both large and sprawling, built the best part of a hundred years ago. The kind of place that was usually full of unexpected nooks and crannies if you had the patience to look, but without a decent light, they weren’t likely to find shit.

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  1. Great tease. Holiday preparations can really throw you for a loop, especially if you toss in the weather.

  2. Love the descriptive scenery. I can really picture the place - taking a step back in time :-) Great teaser