Wednesday, October 4, 2017

MidWeekTease - October 4, 2017 - Blues In The Night

4 October 2017:

For this week’s edition of the MidWeekTease,, I have an excerpt from Blues In The Night, a contemporary m/m romance:

Blues In The Night
By Christiane France
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After a six-month work-related separation, Alain and his partner James planned to meet up for the perfect dream vacation. Then James calls and cancels. He’s met someone new and their relationship is over.
Alain is devastated, and he leaves their vacation hotel in a daze. Evening turns to night and as he walks up one street and down the next, he hears music drifting up from a basement nightclub. The singer sounds like Kenny Dumaine, a man Alain used to know, and he goes in to check.
It takes a moment for Kenny to remember Alain. As an entertainer and always on the move, he’s learned to keep things casual. But Alain’s upset, he’s been drinking, and in no state to be alone. Where’s the harm in offering an old friend a shoulder to cry on? Kenny’s last performance is tomorrow night, and the next day he’ll be leaving for the next stop on his itinerary.


After taking a hot shower, Kenny fell asleep fast, but he came awake again just before dawn needing to use the toilet. On his return to bed, he noticed Alain standing by the living room window, his back toward him, looking down at the sleeping city below.
“You okay, man?”
“I slept for a while, but then I woke up. I feel so damn wired. I figured the beer and whiskey chasers would knock me out for hours.”
“And sometimes it has the opposite effect. Particularly if you’re also jetlagged and overtired.”
“You have any aspirin? My head’s killing me. Maybe that’ll help me relax.”
“Sorry, I don’t.” The sky outside was starting to lighten a little. Alain had taken off his shirt and Kenny could see the rock-solid stiffness of his stance. He looked more like something carved from a block of stone than a flesh and blood human being.
Aware the guy was hurting, but reluctant to ask questions, he walked over and began massaging his shoulders. He made no objection, so Kenny increased the pressure, seeking out and doing what he could to loosen the knotted muscles, first in his neck, then in his back and upper arms. He moved down over his shoulder blades, and Alain gave a small grunt of pleasure.
By the time he reached the area above his waist, he could feel the tension beginning to dissipate. But when he ran his hands lightly down his sides and over his hips, the sudden retightening of muscles gave him a hint as to what he suspected was the real problem. Poor bastard must have been saving himself up for what had turned out to be the mother of all letdowns, and now what he really needed was a little basic relief.
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  1. Great tease. I'm sure Kenny can help with that 'problem'.

  2. And Kenny is just the man to help! Great tease Christiane!

  3. Great tease. We can all use a little help from a friend now and then.

  4. I love your teasers. This is so real :-)