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WeekendWritingWarriors - 28 October 2017 - Where's Michelle (4)

28 October 2017:

As Christiane France, I write LGBT, MTS, PA, and RO. My alter ego, Chris Grover, writes MTS. This is a weekly blog hop where participants post 8-10 sentences from a published work or a work in progress. The blog posts go live between 12:00 noon Saturday and 9:00a.m. Sunday. It’s a great way to discover new authors and expand networks. So be sure to visit and check out all the WeekendWritingWarriors blogs.

For this week’s edition of WeekendWritingWarriors I have another snippet from Where’s Michelle, a romantic mystery-suspense.

Where’s Michelle
By Chris Grover
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“As I said before, the papers are valuable, and I think you already know just how valuable. So, if you want to see your daughter again...”
          A ripple of fear tied her stomach into knots, but then Simon put his arm around her, and she found the courage to ask, “Is Michelle okay?”
          “Alive and well for now.” The caller paused. “The police believe she's with her grandparents. Inspector Mackenzie was most understanding when he heard about your head injury and your refusal to heed medical advice. But he may not be so understanding if you bother him again.”

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Where’s Michelle is a story about a woman whose child disappears in the chaos of a traffic accident.
American Julie Leighton knew almost nothing about her husband, other than the fact he was English. Then Vic was killed, apparently the victim of a mugger, while he was away from Boston on a business trip. A short time later, Julie received a call from a man who claimed to be her father-in-law, inviting Julie and her nine-year old daughter, Michelle, to visit him and his wife in England.
          Shortly after they arrive at London's Heathrow Airport, the trip becomes a nightmare. The hotel shuttle bus is involved in a traffic accident, and Julie wakes up in hospital to find Michelle has vanished.
As Julie is leaving the hospital in search of her daughter, she runs into Simon Winter. Simon was also on the bus and, like Julie, sustained a few minor injuries in the accident. He has no idea what happened to Michelle, but offers to help Julie find her.
Julie accepts, unaware Simon is posing as a businessman and fellow traveler to gain her confidence. He’s actually Detective Inspector Simon Winter, a member of a special security unit whose job is to protect members of the British government from harm. They recently received a tip Julie's late husband was blackmailing a prominent British politician, and that Julie intends to pick up where Vic left off.
          Whether it’s true or not, it needs to be checked out, and Simon’s had Julie under surveillance from the moment her plane landed.

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  1. Uh-oh- there goes her hope the police will help, at least for now!

  2. Ohm this sounds wonderfully intriguing. Just my kind of book!!

  3. Oh no! How awful. I hope they can help.

  4. Ominous, stressful, tense - all of which says you're doing a great job of winding the reader up and getting us involved. Excellent excerpt!

    1. Thank you for the kind comments. I wanted to comment on your post, but couldn't find the link. Did I miss something, or do you not have one?

  5. How diabolical! They're boxing her in, giving her no way out. Great tension!

  6. I wonder what her next move is going to be, since she's being blocked so effectively with the police.

  7. Oh, now she's really up against it isn't she! Who can she turn to now? Great tense snippet!