Wednesday, September 13, 2017

99cents Book Bonanza - September 13 - 17

Many authors discount their books from time to time, but rarely are so many of us doing it at the same time and in the same place.

Click this link and you'll find more than 75 books spanning 13 genres, each discounted to only $0.99. Scroll through the genres, hover over any cover to see a brief description of the book, then click to purchase. The link will allow you to choose from any retailer where the book is sold (some are only available on Amazon and are linked directly there, and others are available everywhere). Purchase as many as you like, but only until September 17th. After that, these deals will be gone.

Under Romance/Paranormal you’ll find:

Wandering Spirits 1 is by Kim Cox, Elizabeth Delisi, Chris Grover, Maureen McMahon,and Sheryl Hames Torres - "Ghosts, mediums, mystery, suspense, romance and chills, this collection of tales from five highly noteworthy authors will keep you reading to the very end - and wishing for more."

Wandering Spirits 2 is by the same authors – “Romance, mystery, danger, and paranormal encounters...five acclaimed authors provide all of this and more in a superb collection of fiction. "Edge of your seat reading! Do yourself a favor and grab a copy now. You won't regret it."

Wandering Spirits 1

VALENTINE'S INN by Chris Grover
After being badly injured in an auto accident, which killed three of her friends, Rianna Gordon has given up on life. Then she meets Josh Byford, unaware that Josh is a ghost. Rianna is a lawyer not a hotelier, but rather than sell the country inn her family has owned for over a hundred years, Josh not only convinces her to reopen and run it, he finds her the perfect partner as well--the boy she fell in love with when she was nine years old and never quite forgot.

MEETING MR. WRIGHT by Chris Grover
Vicki figured the dream was simply a spin-off of her bedtime reading. She had no idea it was a prediction of things to come.

Wandering Spirits 2
By Chris Grover
After dreaming about a big old house made of dark pine logs and an elderly woman standing in the doorway insisting that she hurry, Nicole Hamilton goes to a remote village in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains two days before Christmas in search of her roots. Although her mom was born in the Province of Quebec, she never talked about it, so Nicole wonders if she has any other family there.
Within minutes of arriving in St-Stephan, Nicole meets Alain Martin, who owns both the house and the hotel where she’ll be staying. She also meets a tabby cat who is both psychic and a whiz at thought transference, and a woman who says she knew Nicole’s mom.
Nicole, who has always believed in dreams, soon figures they were intended to lure her to St-Stephan so she can learn about her mom’s family. But then she has another conversation with the cat and discovers the real reason for the dreams and her visit.

Cool mysteries and hot romance -

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