Thursday, August 17, 2017

New Release - Butterflies and Lovebirds

Butterflies and Lovebirds
By Christiane France
Also available at iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo

Butterflies and Lovebirds is a collection of four romantic short stories. It includes a paranormal romance, two tales involving the reunion of childhood sweethearts, and a teacher-student relationship that comes with a slightly different twist.

The Butterfly Girl:

Tim Braiden needs somewhere quiet to finish his latest book and, hopefully, get back into his editor's good graces. Somewhere as far from the party scene and his drinking buddies as possible. A cottage on an uninhabited island set in the middle of a remote lake appears to be the perfect answer to his problem—until he arrives on the island and meets sexy, Marigold Fraser, a wildlife artist who specializes in paintings of Monarch butterflies. From the moment they meet, Tim knows Marigold is no ordinary girl. Marigold is special, magical, every man's ideal woman, who quickly takes over his dreams, his life, and finally his heart.

Ciao, Ciao Bambina:

Turning failing companies into winners doesn’t leave Dani Stevens with a lot of time for herself. It certainly doesn’t allow her time to find a man with whom she can indulge her sexual fantasies. But then Dani goes to Las Vegas on business and is recognized by a man she hasn’t seen since they were both kids. Twenty years ago, Roberto Ventura was Dani’s first love, and she was his, and they were both devastated when circumstances forced them to part. But can a teenage crush survive a 20-year separation?  Especially now when Roberto is Vegas’ latest heartthrob, a handsome, sexy, Italian singer who can have any woman he wants.

Something To Talk About:

As far as English teacher, Maddy Anderson, was concerned, her relationship with post-grad student, Ty Jarrett, was perfectly proper in every way. She was helping Ty get his book ready for publication out of the goodness of her heart and that was all. However, Maddy’s best friend, Karen, and Karen’s bank manager husband, Dennis, and some of their friends, viewed the relationship in a whole different light. It didn’t matter to them that Maddy and Ty were both over 21, unattached and free to do whatever they pleased. In their opinion any teacher and student relationship was wrong, and spending long hours alone at the teacher’s house was the worst—an unhealthy situation that just begged to be talked about.

Proud Mary:

Jamie McMahon and Mary Bonelli fell in love in junior school and promised they’d get married when they grew up. However, different careers have taken them in different directions, and their relationship has dwindled to the point where Jamie figures its game over. That is until Mary’s grandfather dies and Mary returns home. But has she come back merely to honor the promise she made to her grandfather to take over the family restaurant? Or is she finally ready to keep the promise she made to Jamie the night of their high school prom? 

Cool mysteries and hot romance - 

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