Wednesday, August 2, 2017

MFRWHooks - 2 August 2017 - Inseparable

2 August 2017:

For this week’s edition of MFRWHooks,, I have a few sentences from Inseparable, a contemporary paranormal romance:

By Christiane France
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“A house this old is bound to have a few restless spirits wandering about to liven things up. Am I right?”
“A g…ghost?”
Most of the men I know like to prove how macho they are by laughing their heads off at the mention of ghosts or anything else that goes bump in the night. But not Nick. He doesn’t look what I’d call scared, but I swear his pale complexion just turned an even lighter shade, and for a tiny instant, I’m a tad concerned he’s going to faint or pull some other trick I’d expect from a woman rather than a man. The moment passes in less than a heartbeat. He pulls himself together, and I reach out and give his arm a friendly squeeze. “You’re not scared of ghosts, are you?”

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Inseparable is a sexy ghost story. When Alison Palmer leaves L.A. and flies to England to escape the financial mess left by her late, philandering husband, she has no money and no job training of any kind. Her future looks pretty grim—until she gets a job house-sitting Foxton Hall and meets the handsome Nick Berringford, and the ghost of his deceased, identical twin brother, Nathan.

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  1. Well he might not be, but I am ;) Great tease!

  2. You've got a ghost on the cover :)

  3. I love the sound of this story! Is a M/F/G menage in the making? Could be great fun and very sexy <3 xo

    1. It's not a menage, but the ghost definitely helps himself to some of the action.

  4. Ohhhh, ghost stories! *rubs hands together* Love it!

  5. Agreed. A ghost always adds an interesting dynamic to a story. Thanks for sharing!