Friday, June 16, 2017

Just Released - Fast Forward - m/m/f time travel

Fast Forward

From lady’s maid to the life of her dreams in one small jump?
Knowing she’ll be punished for helping her mistress escape the attentions of a royally connected Marquis, Celeste Rousseau has no choice but to follow when she sees the woman disappear through a hidden doorway.
Celeste has no idea the doorway is actually a portal in time, or that she’s about to leave the 18th century behind and be transported 250 years into the future and the strange but exciting world of the twenty-first-century.  


She (Celeste) hurried up the main staircase. From the amount of light she could see on the second floor, it was clear the windows up there had not been shuttered. Perhaps she would be able to recognize a landmark—something to indicate her location. She also wanted to know what was causing all the strange noises.
She peeked through the first window she came to. The glass was streaked and dirty, but…was that snow she could see on the ground outside? It was too late for blossoms from the apple trees, and snow in July simply wasn’t possible.
She looked again. It was snow! A thin blanket of snow covered the rooftops and the trees and everything else she could see. However, there wasn’t a horse or a carriage in sight. Instead, strange, box-shaped objects on wheels were moving swiftly along the street. Some had lamps at the front, but with all of them, she could see people sitting inside.
She reached down for a corner of her apron to clean a small portion of the window in order to get a better view…but she was no longer wearing her apron. In fact, she wasn’t wearing any of her regular clothing. From waist to ankle she was encased in what appeared to be a new style of men’s pantaloons. Made of a heavy blue cotton fabric, the pantaloons fit like a second skin. On her feet were the strangest looking footwear she’d ever seen—thick white, all-in-one soles and heels with white cotton tops laced down the center. Even so, they were amazingly light and very comfortable, more comfortable than anything she’d ever worn before. Her upper body was also encased in cotton—some kind of heavy, marine blue doublet with full length sleeves but no front opening.
She slipped a hand in the right hand pocket of the pantaloons, horrified to find it empty. The money she’d worked so hard to save and kept in her pocket, day and night, for safekeeping was gone! And so was her grandmother’s gold crucifix.
Her eyes filled with tears and she slid down the wall to curl up in a small, dejected heap beneath the window. Bad enough the world had gone completely crazy—peculiar, box-like contraptions moving along the street without horses to pull them, snow in July, and her clothes replaced by some bizarre form of fancy dress, now it appeared someone had stolen her money. Without money or valuables, she would starve for sure.
She lifted a hand to her hair, afraid to find that gone, too. The cap she normally wore during the day while working had disappeared, but her beautiful, silken blonde hair that hung all the way down to her waist while she slept was still right there where it belonged—hanging loose, but at least it was still there on her head.
Be strong, ma chère. Life is not easy. But if you wish yours to be successful, you must listen and learn how to fit in and always be ready to adapt to change…

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