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MySexySaturday - April 15, 2017 - DOUBLE DELICIOUS

April 15, 2017: 

For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs in keeping with this week’s theme of Sexy To The Rescue from DOUBLE DELICIOUS. A contemporary m/m/f menage romance that was the No.2 bestseller at AllRomance a few years back.


By Christiane France

Suzie Nield has been fantasizing about Matt Porter and Mike Hanes for weeks, ever since moving into the house across the street from the handsome duo. Unbeknownst to Suzie, however, Matt and Mike have being doing the same thing regarding her...
Yet except for the occasional smile or wave in passing, the trio never does more than fantasize. In fact, Suzie is fast coming to the conclusion the men are either painfully shy, which she seriously doubts, or that the pleasure-seeking playboys, as one of the other neighbors describes them, are the kind of men who are more interested in picking up babes and putting notches on their bedposts than they are in developing adult relationships.
But on Friday the 13th, fantasy becomes reality, and Suzie finally gets to know Mike and Matt. This will be the day she loses everything important in her life, and the day the sexy duo asks her to be the one thing that is missing in theirs...
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“Not necessarily,” Matt chimed in. “We have a spare room you’re more than welcome to use for as long as you want. Right, Mike?”
Mike nodded. “Right. Just grab whatever you need and put anything you don’t want to lose inside the house, then come on over. We’ll leave the side door open, so don’t bother knocking.”
“But I can’t…” Suzie’s vision suddenly blurred. She’d had one hellacious day. She’d lost everything she loved and cared about—everything that was important to her—including the use of her house. And now here were two total strangers offering her a temporary home, no questions asked.
Mike sat down beside her on the step and put his arm around her shoulders. “No, buts and no tears. Want me to help you pack?”
“No, it’s okay. I can manage,” Suzie said in a strained voice. “But I can’t dump on you like this. You don’t need a stranger invading your privacy.”
“You’re not a stranger, you’re a neighbor, and neighbors are supposed to help one another in an emergency,” Matt said, sitting down on Suzie’s other side and joining in the group hug. “I’m Matthew Porter, and the guy on your other side is my longtime buddy and business partner, Michael Hanes. Your name’s Suzie, and you do the noontime show at Radio Woodland, right?”
Suzie sighed. “Yes and no. My name’s Suzie, but I no longer work at the radio station. However, that’s a whole other story.”
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