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MySexySaturday - March 25, 2017 - French Twist

March 25, 2017: 
For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from FRENCH TWIST. A contemporary m/m romance where the main character finally meets His Sexy (Forever) Love.

When the markets collapsed and Sean Hannesay lost everything, including his job as a financial advisor, he considered himself lucky to find work as a delivery boy for The House of Lost Treasures. It’s a job that’ll keep a roof over his head and put food in his stomach while he waits for the economy to improve and he’s able to find something better.
But being a delivery boy in the antique business turns out to be more interesting and exciting than Sean expected. After a couple of months spent fetching and carrying like a character in a Dickens novel, Sean’s next assignment takes him to Paris, France, to take possession of a 17th-century cross pendant. From the moment he arrives, Sean’s involved in one strange adventure after another, until he finally meets up with Raoul Dassin, the man from whom he is to collect the pendant. A man who instantly captures Sean’s attention and refuses to let go.
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Sean could have cared less about food, but going through the motions was all part of this particular game. And he knew, despite the way he felt right now, the urgency and strength of his feelings, the way his mind could brush everything else aside, and the overwhelming conviction he had to have Raoul no matter what, a game was all it was—the instant attraction, the discreet flirting, the moment of truth, and then, their needs satisfied, that would be the end of it. A special time, nonetheless, that would take away a little of the hurt inflicted by Bobby and make this first trip to Paris unforgettable. “Sounds good. Medium rare, if I may. And a plain green salad?”
The waiter left and, as Sean heard the click of a deadbolt engaging, a shiver ran through his body. He wasn’t certain if it was fear of the unknown or anticipation of what was about to happen. He never ever got into things with another guy this fast. Anyone with half a brain knew it was best to get to know one another a little up front, take enough time to be sure he wasn’t agreeing to anything too weird or kinky, or any of the heavy stuff he just wasn’t into. Then Raoul was behind him, helping him off with his jacket and stroking his ass in the process.
“Would it be asking too much if I suggest we forget about everything except ourselves while we’re here?” Raoul said softly as he continued to lightly stroke Sean’s butt. “I believe moments like this are given to us for a purpose. They are meant to be savored and enjoyed.”
“You mean like stopping to smell the roses, as we say back home?”
“Exactement! A moment to forget about the harsh realities of life, and perhaps enjoy the more pleasant things it has to offer?”
If Raoul had come right out and suggested they both get naked, his meaning couldn’t have been more clear. With his jacket gone, Sean felt Raoul’s arms encircle his body, pressing him against the impressive arousal Sean had noticed when they were sitting in Raoul’s office. Another shiver ran through his body.
“If I’m making a mistake, tell me now,” Raoul said quietly. 
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