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MySexySaturday - March 11, 2017 - A Taste Of Honey

March 11, 2017: 

For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from A Taste Of Honey. It’s a historical m/m romance, and a spin-off from Time Shift. I wouldn’t describe either of the main characters as a warrior in the accepted sense, even so they have a few battles to fight. That’s if their love is to triumph despite impossible odds and totally diverse lives.


A Taste Of Honey
By Christiane France - Kobo, iTunes and Barnes & Noble

Antoine Auguste, Marquis de Vernnay, is twenty-four and bored. But then he meets Honey at an exclusive men’s club, and Antoine's life is forever changed. Honey is the only person he can think about. Honey, however, is a servant of the lowest class, and also the property of another man. Can Antoine find a way to fulfil his wildest dreams and have Honey all to himself?


Just then, a young boy appeared at his side. “Would you care for something to drink, m’sieu.?”

“No, thank you.” Antoine wasn’t about to compound his foolishness in coming to a place like this alone by accepting drinks from unknown sources. For now, he needed to keep his head clear and his wits about him. If he decided to leave at some point, he could do so without difficulty.

As he looked around the room, unsure whether he should sit down and await events, or strike up a conversation with one of the other men, he felt a hand glide down his back and come to rest on his buttocks.

“You are looking for company, mon ami?”

Antoine turned toward the speaker, a sleepy-eyed young man with his hair pulled back in a simple queue, and informally dressed in tan breeches and a partially opened, loose white top that looked rather like a nightshirt. Antoine guessed the man to be perhaps two or three years his junior. “Company?”

The young man smiled and lifted his slim shoulders in an offhand shrug as he moved his hand to the juncture of Antoine’s thighs. “If you wish, we can sit here and talk. Or, if you prefer, we can go to one of the private rooms and get to know one another better.” He paused, his mobile lips twisting in a faint grimace. “Alternatively, if you prefer, I can introduce you to someone else.”

“No. No one else.”

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  1. Oooh....I like that snippet...historic m/m is my catnip...

  2. Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. I certainly had fun writing it :)