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MyhSexySaturday - February 18, 2017 - OH, GEORGE

February 18, 2017
This week’s edition of MySexySaturday calls for The Sexy Hunk. I have seven paragraphs from OH, GEORGE. This is a contemporary m/m romance set in an office where George is one of the secretaries.

By Christiane France
Available at: Barnes & Noble (Nook), iTunes, and Kobo
By projecting the image of a swinging bachelor, company owner Zack Hannington has never had a problem keeping his personal life private from his employees. But when handsome and ambitious George Parker joins the secretarial pool, Zack finds himself indulging in X-rated daydreams that stress him out and seriously mess with his head.
He knows George is a kindred spirit, and he’s positive he’s met the man somewhere before, but he can’t remember where or when, and his own rule of never playing house with "the help" makes matters worse.
Zack doesn’t know if he’s in love or in lust with George, but just as everything seems to be working out even better than his dreams, he screws up and loses it all...
George visibly relaxed and smiled, a sexy, knowing smile that softened the wide mouth and did strange things to Zack’s pulse rate. He shrugged, folded his arms and leaned his back against the door. “Am I to assume you’ve had a rethink and decided you’d like to be friends after all?”
          George’s smile deepened. “Okay, so you want to be more than friends.”
          “You have any objection?”
          “None I can think of.”
          “Does that mean you have some idea what my problem is?”
          “Offhand, I’d say you’re desperate for a little action.” The smile broadened a little and the tip of George’s tongue appeared and traced the outline of his upper lip. “But why waste time guessing, hmm? Why don’t you come over here so we can find out if that’s what you really want, or if it’s all in your mind.” 
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  1. Heh, nothing like laying all the cards on the table. Great tease.