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MySexySaturday - December 17 2016 - MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD

December 17, 2016:
This week’s edition of MySexySaturday calls for “My Sexy Mystery”. I have seven paragraphs from MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD, a contemporary m/m romance. This is the first book in the Amethyst Cove mystery series.
Christiane France

When his brother’s girlfriend goes missing, and the woman’s brother wants to help find her, Greg’s rule about not mixing business with pleasure is in serious jeopardy. So is his other rule. The one about not allowing a client to interfere with the investigation. 

“If you want me to find out what happened to your sister, we do it my way. If you want to argue or second guess me at every turn, you’re on your own.”
“I’m not allowed to give an opinion?”
“No.” I wasn’t sure why I was being such a miserable hard-ass. I’m not usually like this, so I figure it’s either a subconscious effort to punish him for being so damn attractive, or a deliberate attempt to rid myself of a very real temptation.
“No?” The look on his face was an interesting mixture of indignation and shock. I have no idea what the dude does for a living, but whatever it is, I get the impression he’s the one who does all the telling. “But surely, since I’m the one paying your fee, I should be entitled to voice an opinion now and again. Especially if I feel it would be helpful.”
I captured his gaze and held on tight. “The only thing I need from you will be answers to any questions I might have. If you’re not comfortable with that and want to tell me how to do my job, then you’ll have to find yourself another PI.”
“Vance said you’re the best. If anyone can find out what’s happened to Petra, it’s you.”
His words were followed by a smile and another speculative look that gave the impression he was trying to cruise me, but not, I suspected, for the best of reasons. I hardened my heart to the flirtatious look as well as the flattery. “As you said, you’re the one paying the bill, so it’s up to you who you hire to do the work.”

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