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MySexySaturday - October 29, 2016 - A Happy Christmas Ending

October 29, 2016:

For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from A HAPPY CHRISTMAS ENDING, a contemporary m/m romance.

Christiane France

The sequel to the best-seller Raindrops And Roses...
When Drew and Michael first met, they spent every minute of their free time together, dreaming, planning and generally behaving like they lived on their own private planet. Now, almost three months later, they’re still together, but only just. Michael’s been gradually distancing himself from Drew and he’s not returning Drew’s calls. They’re supposed to be spending Christmas with Michael’s family, so Drew forces a meeting. If Michael has met someone else, he wants to know, and he wants to know now.
I pressed my face against his chest, feeling his warmth and breathing in his scent. “You have it all worked out, huh?”
“Yup.” He slid a finger under my chin and lifted my head so we were eye to eye. “There is absolutely nothing to worry about, love. Things will work out. I promise.”
Marmalade began pushing himself between our legs, either in search of food or in an attempt to get a little attention for himself. I wasn’t sure which.
“Yes, and you’ll be okay, too, you little pest.” Michael released me and picked up the cat. “This guy won’t give over until I feed him. So, while I do that, maybe you’d like to find us something to drink? There’s beer and cola in the fridge.”
“How about coffee?”
He grinned and blew me a kiss. “I’d love one. That’s if you’ll be kind enough to make it.”
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