Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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Crossing The Line


Rather than embarrass his wealthy family by admitting he’s gay, Alexander Derkeston solved the problem by publicly conforming to their old fashioned, upright, uptight lifestyle, and inventing a second life on the side.
Even after his parents are killed in a traffic accident and the pretence is no longer necessary, Alexander still continues to follow family tradition and keep his private life private. Then the family chauffeur retires, and Wil Forrest is hired in his place.
For Alexander it’s love at first sight. Wil is everything Alexander has ever wanted. But Wil is an employee, and when he suggests the two of them go clubbing together, Alexander is horrified. Old Abner Derekston had two rules the family has always lived by: One, never cross the line by getting overly familiar with the help, not if you want to maintain their respect. And two, if you want something, go for it.
Is there a way Alexander can have his cake and eat it, too?  

After parking outside the mansion’s front entrance, Wil opened the passenger door for Alexander to exit. “Will you need me again tonight, sir?”
Against his better judgment, instead of simply saying if he needed to go anywhere he could either call a cab or drive himself, and continuing on into the house, Alexander hesitated. He muttered something about probably staying in, then he added, “You have plans for this evening?”
Wil shrugged. “Not what I’d call plans exactly. Just the need to get out and have some fun. Between work and school, I haven’t been anywhere in a while.”
“What are you studying?”
“Creative writing. This is my first year.”
Alexander wasn’t particularly surprised by Wil’s choice of a subject. The man came across as quiet, thoughtful, contemplative, and, as far as Alexander knew, was pretty much a loner. All the things a creative person needed to be. “So…you want to be a writer?”
“That’s my dream.”
“Good for you.”
“If you didn’t need me, I thought maybe I’d take a few hours off and check out the action at some of the bars in town.” He hesitated, a faint smile tugging at his wide mouth. “Maybe try Roby’s, the new place on Lakeshore.”
Hah, so Wil was gay. Alexander had suspected as much. “Roby’s? Isn’t that a gay club?” Alexander said, only to wish he’d kept his mouth shut when Wil’s smile turned a whole lot too knowing, and Wil looked at him directly.
“Yes, sir, from what I’ve heard that’s exactly what it is. You been there? I hear it’s supposed to be very nice. All the amenities, as well as different entertainment each week, dancing, and a dining room that’s scheduled to open in a few weeks.”
Alexander had heard the same thing, but he wasn’t about to admit it or let on he was every bit as curious about the place as Wil seemed to be. Instead, he said, “Me? No, I’m afraid not. Not really my thing.”
“No?” Wil’s smile grew a fraction broader, making it uncomfortably clear he figured Alexander was lying. “I thought for sure it was. Well, if you should change your mind and decide to check it out, maybe I’ll see you there.”
What? Go clubbing with the help? He has to be kidding!

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