Saturday, September 24, 2016

MySexySaturday - September 24, 2016 - The Rivals

September 24, 2016:

For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from THE RIVALS, a contemporary m/m romance.

By Christiane France


Rod Levins’ future as a newly qualified lawyer is anything but certain. After graduating with an above ninety-five-percent average, he’s in line for a job with the town’s number one law firm.

But so are three others, including the man Rod’s fantasized about for many months.

Jinks Jessop gives the impression he’s just as interested in Rod, but each time Rod makes a move, Jinks backs off. Is Jinks gay, straight, or simply one of his rivals for the job, amusing himself at Rod’s expense?

When it comes to both his career and his personal life, Rod knows that “wanting” and “getting” are not synonymous. But he can hope...

Then the third man stepped up to the plate and hit his first ball straight between Jinks and me. We both tried to catch it, but what with the fading light thanks to the impending storm and then what I figured had to be a cloudburst, the damn ball ended up in the dense jungle of trees and undergrowth that separated the park from whatever lay beyond.

Lightning zigzagged across the sky followed by a loud clap of thunder right above our heads. We were on the far side of the field, away from the rest of the players, and as they all headed for the shelter of their vehicles, Jinks grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bushes.
“We’ll get soaked if we try making a run for it,” he said. “But if we stay here under the trees, the most we’ll get is a bit damp.”
The rain was already dripping through the leaves and down my neck. “You think?”
“No, but I really don’t care. I don’t think you do, either. Huh?”
The wind had picked up, but I could feel his heat and smell his scent. He smiled, pulling me close and capturing my gaze. His normally well-groomed dark hair was a mass of wet curls and his five o’clock shadow stood out in sharp contrast to his pale face. It made him look a little wild and dangerous. It also made him look incredibly sexy. He began to knead my butt, moving in closer until his aroused shaft was pressing against my leg. I held my breath, silently begging him not to stop now. Then he ran a finger over my lips, and I blanked out. I forgot the storm raging around us. I forgot everything but the here, the now, and the realization that after today nothing would ever be the same again.
He slanted his mouth over mine, and I felt the seductive rasp of his unshaven skin against my face as his tongue slid between my lips, seeking, savoring. I wrapped my arms around him, holding him tight and wondering why one of us hadn’t taken the initiative before now. 

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  1. Unexpected it seems, but not unwanted! Great tease.

  2. This is a good book. I remember I read it straight through in an evening and didn't get a word written because I couldn't put it down.