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IWSG Blog Hop - August 3, 2016

IWSG Blog Hop – August 3, 2016

Between the loss of my husband and my publisher within a period of less than three months, refocusing on writing hasn’t been easy. It still isn’t, but solitaire and jigsaw puzzles have their limits and I really need to get back to work on the four books I have in progress.

I’m a pantser. I don’t do outlines, I invent two main characters and then let them lead me through their adventures. This method has its disadvantages in that there’s nothing to fall back on if the story stalls. I’d actually come up with a solution for whenever this happened, but forgot all about it until a couple of days ago when a new idea dropped into my head. Instead of giving up or writing the same few paragraphs over and over in the hope inspiration would strike, which is what I had been doing, I should have remembered to ask myself the following questions:

What do these people want? And, how do they plan to get it?

I then make a list of all the characters in the story and write down their answers. It often adds dimensions to the story by opening up different angles and avenues and exposing things I hadn’t known existed.

So simple, yet it always works for me. When I remember to use it that is.

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  1. I think creating the characters purpose is a great way to start a novel. I usual get the overall arch and a few characters, and I definitely have character documents that detail their inner struggles, external conflicts (with other characters) and other such details that define their actions. I mean, that's the way real life works anyway, right?

    Sorry to hear about your husband. :-( Hang it there girl.

  2. Thanks, Tanya. That's exactly how real life works. The wanting, the wondering, then the pesky second thoughts as to whether or not we're doing the right thing.