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MySexySaturday- August 27, 2016 - Reincarnation

August 27, 2016:
For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from REINCARNATION, a contemporary m/m romance, which I just heard made the Best Seller List at All Romance ebooks.  

By Christiane France


When Lee Stanger and Reno Jackson meet in a Las Vegas bar, they feel an instant and mutual attraction, plus the feeling they’ve met somewhere before. But they couldn’t have met previously, since Lee has never been to the west coast, and Reno has never been farther east than Denver. And both men have good reason not to go digging up the past in the hope of figuring it out.

Over the course of the evening, however, Lee has a series of fragmented and puzzling flashbacks about an event from his past that includes a man who looks like Reno. Or could he be confusing two unrelated incidents, and if so, are they connected in some way?

Until now, Lee has chosen to ignore medical advice and allow an unpleasant experience that happened eight years ago to remain a blank in his mind. But with details starting to resurface and a burning need to remember exactly what happened, he can no longer afford to suppress the memories, no matter how painful or traumatic. Whether he wants to or not, he knows it’s time to fill in the blanks...

^ ^ ^
As Reno’s strong fingers closed around his hand, urging him forward, Lee’s pulse rate shot up and he almost forgot to breathe. This was what he wanted, what he’d been waiting for all evening, but now the moment was here…
Reno wrapped his arms around him, holding him close. “You’re shaking. You scared? Or has it been a long time?”
“Neither. I think the anticipation is getting to me. Being here with you feels so damn good and so right. It’s…I don’t know.”
“As if the two of us meeting in Tarly’s was meant to be?”
“I guess.” Reno’s hands slid down Lee’s back, molding their bodies together. Lee filled his lungs with Reno’s scent and the intriguing smell of his damn aftershave, and gave a sigh of contentment. “I feel like I’ve known you forever.”
Reno’s hands stilled. “So maybe we knew one another in a past life.”
“You don’t believe in that reincarnation shit, do you?”

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August 20, 2016 - MySexySaturday - UNMASKING THE MAN

For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from UNMASKING THE MAN. A contemporary m/m romance.


By Christiane France


Cain Carpenter has it all—looks, money, a beautiful home, and a successful business. What he doesn’t have is someone to share it with, someone to love and who loves him in return.

In spite of his belief that if he kisses enough frogs he’ll eventually find the prince of his dreams, Cain’s search is proving far from simple. As owner and manager of The Peony, the town’s classiest restaurant, Cain doesn’t have much time for a social life. He’s tried all the usual avenues for meeting people, including a dating agency, and he’s about given up...

Until he accepts an invitation to a singles masquerade party and meets a masked man in an elaborate headdress of black feathers. The stranger invites Cain to dance, and from the instant they touch, Cain is positive he’s finally found that one special person.

Then the man’s cell rings. He answers, mutters something about an emergency and disappears. Cain doesn’t know if he’s left or if he’ll be coming back, and he starts to panic. The rules of the masquerade include no removal of masks and no exchange of names. If you can’t somehow figure out the identity of the person who sparked your interest, you lose. This is one time Cain doesn’t want to lose, but all he has to go on is that “Black Feathers” is a little taller and heavier than himself. Is it enough for him to track down the alluring stranger and discover who is hiding behind the mask?


Just then, the band began to play another set. Cain felt someone touch his arm, and a voice said softly, “Would you care to dance?”

Something about the honey-on-velvet voice, which he thought might be a man’s but he wasn’t one hundred percent sure, caught Cain by surprise. It was rather like being touched without warning in a sensitive spot, and Cain’s body reacted accordingly.

He turned toward the speaker, someone a little taller and at least a few pounds heavier than himself, who wore an enormous headdress composed entirely of long black feathers. A gold half mask surrounded by a fringe of small black and white spotted feathers covered the eyes and forehead, while the lower half of the face was painted chalk white. A black velvet jacket and knee britches, white stockings and black, buckled shoes completed the outfit. The area between the chin and the collar of the jacket was swathed in purple chiffon patterned in silver.

“Well?” The voice pressed a little louder, confirming the speaker was a man.

At that precise moment, everything the other man had said about the mystery and romance of masquerade took over Cain’s imagination. “Yes, of course. Absolutely. I’d love to,” he replied before the stranger got the idea he wasn’t interested and moved on. “Sorry, you’ll have to excuse me,” he continued as the man took his hand and led him onto the floor, “but your headdress is quite amazing. How on earth do you manage to keep it in place?”

“It weighs less than a pound,” his partner replied, “so it’s really no problem. I barely remember I have it on.”

As they began to dance, he brought Cain just close enough so their bodies were touching from knee to chin in a hold that was light yet struck Cain as possessive. It was clear the man was a good dancer, and while there was nothing suggestive about his movements or the way he held Cain, there was something about him that made Cain’s pulse race and sent his imagination into overdrive.

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IWSG Blog Hop - August 3, 2016

IWSG Blog Hop – August 3, 2016

Between the loss of my husband and my publisher within a period of less than three months, refocusing on writing hasn’t been easy. It still isn’t, but solitaire and jigsaw puzzles have their limits and I really need to get back to work on the four books I have in progress.

I’m a pantser. I don’t do outlines, I invent two main characters and then let them lead me through their adventures. This method has its disadvantages in that there’s nothing to fall back on if the story stalls. I’d actually come up with a solution for whenever this happened, but forgot all about it until a couple of days ago when a new idea dropped into my head. Instead of giving up or writing the same few paragraphs over and over in the hope inspiration would strike, which is what I had been doing, I should have remembered to ask myself the following questions:

What do these people want? And, how do they plan to get it?

I then make a list of all the characters in the story and write down their answers. It often adds dimensions to the story by opening up different angles and avenues and exposing things I hadn’t known existed.

So simple, yet it always works for me. When I remember to use it that is.

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