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MySexySaturday -[ June 11, 2016 - Time Shift


June 11, 2016

For this this week’s MySexySaturday I have 7 paragraphs from TIME SHIFT – a historical time travel. My heroine doesn’t get to ride in a carriage or any other vehicle, but when she goes through a door in modern day Paris, she’s in for a whole different kind of ride--the ride of her life.


When Mariette Joubert visits the house where her grandfather was born in Paris, France, she falls through a secret doorway… And finds herself in the year 1763, working as a courtesan in a high class house of pleasure where the infamous Marquis de Sade and his friends are regular visitors. Exclusive rights to Mariette have already been purchased by wealthy merchant, Philippe de Gaspard, but when one of de Sade’s friends decides he want her, Mariette is in big trouble. The Marquis de Vernnay is reputed to be even worse than de Sade. He also has royal connections, so his wishes take precedence over Philippe’s.

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Her mouth felt dry and her skin prickled with something that felt like a mixture of fear and nervous excitement. If what she’d read about de Sade was true, the man hadn’t been averse to the odd orgy. In fact, the after-dinner orgies were a big part of his infamy. So maybe that’s what the people here were doing. Spending their weekends living life à la de Sade in one of his old haunts.
Convinced she’d solved the mystery, she took a step closer to get a better view of the action. She wasn’t exactly a prude herself, but these guys were really behaving with wild abandon. If any of them had any inhibitions in their regular lives, they’d left them at home tonight.
The naked woman with the kohl-rimmed eyes was now sitting on the young man’s lap. “Touch me,” she instructed loudly. Laying back against his chest, she opened her legs wide and began playing with herself. “I want you to touch me here. Like this, yes? Mmm…it feels so good.”
The young man appeared a little hesitant to do her bidding, so the woman took his hand, opened up her black muff, and tucked his forefinger between the glistening pink folds of her sex. “Rub me like this,” she said, moving his digit back and forth. “And if you’re a very good boy and make me come…” She laughed and tried to make him move his finger a little faster. “I’ll suck your cock as a reward. You would like that, yes?”
The young man’s face was now beet red, but he got the message, and as he redoubled his efforts with the woman’s clit, the couple next to them decided to stop petting and get it on for real.
Mariette watched, her eyes wide, as the man stood up, lifted the woman to waist height and impaled her on his shaft. But then her eyes widened even further as another man joined in the fun. Wrapping his arms around the first man from behind, the second man began ramming his dick up the first man’s butt. And if that wasn’t enough, a third man came forward, opened his pants, grabbed both cheeks of the woman’s butt and did the same thing to her.
Wherever she looked, almost everyone in the room, apart from herself and the four older women, were having at it. There were men going down on women, women going down on men. Twosomes, threesomes, and even foursomes—while the women in the dark dresses and those in period costume just stood and licked their lips as they watched the action.
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