Thursday, June 2, 2016

Double Delicious, Like A Moth To The Flame, and Oh, George

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Suzie Nield has been fantasizing about Matt Porter and Mike Hanes for weeks, ever since moving into the house across the street from the handsome duo. Unbeknownst to Suzie, however, Matt and Mike have being doing the same thing regarding her...
Yet except for the occasional smile or wave in passing, the trio never does more than fantasize. In fact, Suzie is fast coming to the conclusion the men are either painfully shy, which she seriously doubts, or that the pleasure-seeking playboys, as one of the other neighbors describes them, are the kind of men who are more interested in picking up babes and putting notches on their bedposts than they are in developing adult relationships.
But on Friday the 13th, fantasy becomes reality, and Suzie finally gets to know Mike and Matt. This will be the day she loses everything important in her life, and the day the sexy duo asks her to be the one thing that is missing in theirs... 
Ramona knew, for someone as sexually inexperienced as herself, falling in love with a heartbreaker like Ari Tarasios was a pretty stupid thing to do.  Not only is Ari a client at the place where Ramona works, Ari is also a swinger who makes no secret of the fact he likes to swing both ways.  What Ramona doesn't know, however, until Ari invites her over for a swim and dinner at his house, is that the sexy swinger likes to take his pleasures in triplicate--he enjoys to watch and be watched.  And so does his equally handsome friend Darius Stewart.  With her pride at stake, Ramona tries to mask her inexperience until she realizes she's in way over her head.  All she can do now is either turn tail and run...or savor every single moment…


By projecting the image of a swinging bachelor, company owner Zack Hannington has never had a problem keeping his personal life private from his employees. But when handsome and ambitious George Parker joins the secretarial pool, Zack finds himself indulging in X-rated daydreams that stress him out and seriously mess with his head. 
He knows George is a kindred spirit, and he’s positive he’s met the man somewhere before, but he can’t remember where or when, and his own rule of never playing house with "the help" makes matters worse. 

Zack doesn’t know if he’s in love or in lust with George, but just as everything seems to be working out even better than his dreams, he screws up and loses it all... 

Or has he?

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