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The Cop And The Drifter - m/m contemporary - newly revised, expanded, and reissued


When they first meet in the woods and Brad takes in Davie’s small stature and pretty-boy looks, he assumes the kid is just another runaway. As a cop, Brad has learned to recognize the signs. But Brad is already in trouble with his superiors, getting suspended for "assuming" something on another case, so now he knows better than to assume anything.

Davie, is actually in his early twenties and far from being a child, escaped a horrible past and is now living from hand to mouth as a drifter. Homeless and starving, he meets Brad in the woods, and despite their differences, can't fight the immediate attraction he shares with the older man.

Both men are still trying to deal with their troubled pasts and they quickly realize it's just not the right time to begin a long-term relationship. But when they meet again a year later and feel the same attraction to each other, will they be able to follow their hearts without their pasts coming back to haunt them?  


...Feeling a bit cramped from sitting on the hard ground, Brad stretched out his legs and leaned back on his arms. “So where do you plan on going from here?”

Davie shrugged. “A farm a couple of miles back wanted fruit pickers, but by the time I got there, they already had enough. The guy in charge said there’s another place a few miles farther on along this road where they might need someone, but he didn’t know for sure. Anyway, I figure it won’t hurt to give it a try.”

“I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning, so I can save you the walk if you’d like.”

“Thanks.” Davie smiled. “I’d really appreciate that.”

“Fire’s almost out, so we’d better get to bed.” Brad said. “You feeling sleepy?”

“Not particularly. Despite what that forecaster of yours said, it’s a nice warm night, and it feels good, just sitting here and talking with you like this.”

“Yeah, me, too. You’re great company, kid.”

“I keep telling you, I’m not a kid. I’m a man. But since you don’t believe me, maybe I’d better show you.” Davie reached out a hand and laid it lightly against the front of Brad’s jeans…

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The series starts here with Greg looking for his brother's girlfriend who's MIA.

Book No.2 - Greg meets Ash Tyler and starts the search for Ash's biological family.

In Book No.3 the search continues.

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New release - OH, WHAT A KNIGHT



Following the death of his employer, Harvey St. Onge—a local gay man with a reputation for attracting handsome young men and throwing wild parties at his country estate—Griffin Andrews is literally on the outside looking in. Harv had promised to take care of Griff, but when the lawyer shows up and Griff is paid off and shown the door with the rest of the staff, he figures Harv “forgot” his promise. Now, Griff may be stuck in the country, miles from anywhere with no transportation and no proof of Harv’s promise, but he’s a survivor. So he packs what he can carry and starts walking.

Partway into his journey, however, a handsome motorist stops and offers Griff a lift. Shane Walker says he’s just going as far as Peninsula Heights. But by the time they get there, Griff’s life has done a fast one-eighty. He has a new friend, the promise of a job, and a place to stay. It all sounds too good be true.

Now Griff has to wonder—is Shane really Griff’s proverbial “white knight in shining armor” riding to his rescue, or something else?


The steel security gate clicked shut behind me. The good life I’d had was over and here I was, stranded on a stretch of dusty country back road. In spite of all that I wasn’t particularly worried. When one thing ended another turned up. It always did. It might take me a little time and patience to get resettled, but I had both in abundance. What I no longer had was a chauffeur-driven limo at my disposal or enough cash to keep me going for more than a month, six weeks absolute tops. I’d have to rely on my feet to get me to my next destination, or hitch a ride, which in this cruel, uncertain world was something I avoided like the plague. All of which made my first priority finding another job, fast.

I adjusted the straps of my backpack and settled it comfortably in place while I considered my options. A right turn and a five-mile walk would take me to Peninsula Heights. Turn left and about thirty-five miles later I’d reach the steel mills of Hamilton. Two small blue-collar towns that didn’t promise much in the way of lucrative employment opportunities. At least not the kind I had in mind. For those I had to head somewhere a tad more sophisticated and cosmopolitan.

Another forty miles on from Hamilton was Toronto, where I’d met Harvey, my most recent and now late, lamented employer. In the other direction, less than ten miles beyond Peninsula Heights, lay Niagara Falls, tourist mecca and home to a couple of world class casinos.

A fast, two-second internal debate, and I turned right. The Falls was the closest. A week or so checking out the action should get me back on track moneywise and from there I’d figure out my next move. Montreal? New York? L.A.? Or if my luck was really in, maybe a trip to London, Paris or Rome as a change of pace.

Oh, sure. Like that would happen. But right now I needed to think big. And the bigger the better. 

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A Taste of Honey

A Taste Of Honey
Christiane France


Antoine Auguste, Marquis de Vernnay—we first met him in Time Shift - www.allromanceebooks.com, is twenty-four and bored. Bored with women at the house he frequents on la rue Charles V, and bored with the elaborate rituals and devices he must use in order to achieve an orgasm.

But then he meets Honey at an exclusive men’s club, and has his first sexual experience with another man.

One taste of this beautiful, young man with the golden skin and Antoine's life is forever changed. Honey is the only person he can think about and the only person he wants. Honey, however, is a servant of the lowest class, and also the property of another man. Can Antoine discover a way he can separate the two and keep Honey all to himself?


...After telling his driver to wait, Antoine gave the man his name, along with the bag of coins his manservant had assured him was the price of entry. He then allowed the footman to assist him out of the carriage, feeling a sharp thrill of anticipation as he followed him through the door and into the building.

He’d heard talk of houses where men were trained in the art of pleasuring other men, but it hadn’t amounted to more than a little ambiguous chatter and a lot of lewd sniggering, so he had no real idea what to expect. Inside, it was much darker and more mysterious than the house on la rue Charles V, but at least the salon to which the footman showed him was a tiny scrap brighter. Enough for him to see there were a dozen or more men scattered around the room, either standing or lolling on the chairs, but not enough for him to recognize anyone from this distance.

Just then, a young boy appeared at his side. “Would you care for something to drink, m’sieu.?”

“No, thank you.” Antoine wasn’t about to compound his foolishness in coming to a place like this alone by accepting drinks from unknown sources. For now, he needed to keep his head clear and his wits about him. If he decided to leave at some point, he could do so without difficulty.

As he looked around the room, unsure whether he should sit down and await events, or strike up a conversation with one of the other men, he felt a hand glide down his back and come to rest on his buttocks.

“You are looking for company, mon ami?”

Antoine turned toward the speaker, a sleepy-eyed young man with his hair pulled back in a simple queue, and informally dressed in tan breeches and a partially opened, loose white top that looked rather like a nightshirt. Antoine guessed the man to be perhaps two or three years his junior. “Company?”

The young man smiled and lifted his slim shoulders in an offhand shrug as he moved his hand to the juncture of Antoine’s thighs. “If you wish, we can sit here and talk. Or, if you prefer, we can go to one of the private rooms and get to know one another better.” He paused, his mobile lips twisting in a faint grimace. “Alternatively, if you prefer, I can introduce you to someone else.”

“No. No one else.”

Until tonight, Antoine had never been touched in so intimate a manner by a member of his own sex. He’d never experienced even the slightest urge to be touched like this, and he couldn’t believe he was allowing it to happen now.

But the truth was, he found the experience rather stimulating, and he suspected the man knew it, because the moment the fellow inserted his hand between Antoine’s legs, Antoine had started to stiffen and grow. There was something special about the man now caressing his cock, something in his eyes, and something mysterious and addictive about his touch that Antoine couldn’t identify, but he knew he didn’t want the man to stop. Although poorly dressed compared to everyone else Antoine had seen in this establishment so far, the young stranger had the most wondrous golden skin that appeared to glow in the candlelight.

Antoine’s mouth felt suddenly dry, and he rubbed his tingling fingertips down the side of the his white satin breeches. One glance was enough to tell him that the man’s skin was the kind that just begged to be touched and petted. He could just imagine how it felt…soft like satin, and it probably smelled wonderful, too—a combination of jasmine, roses, verbena, cinnamon and clove and a thousand other exotic spices and scents.

“We give only first names here. Mine’s Honey,” the man said. “What’s yours?”

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MySexySaturday -[ June 11, 2016 - Time Shift


June 11, 2016

For this this week’s MySexySaturday http://mysexysaturday.blogspot.ca/ I have 7 paragraphs from TIME SHIFT – a historical time travel. My heroine doesn’t get to ride in a carriage or any other vehicle, but when she goes through a door in modern day Paris, she’s in for a whole different kind of ride--the ride of her life.


When Mariette Joubert visits the house where her grandfather was born in Paris, France, she falls through a secret doorway… And finds herself in the year 1763, working as a courtesan in a high class house of pleasure where the infamous Marquis de Sade and his friends are regular visitors. Exclusive rights to Mariette have already been purchased by wealthy merchant, Philippe de Gaspard, but when one of de Sade’s friends decides he want her, Mariette is in big trouble. The Marquis de Vernnay is reputed to be even worse than de Sade. He also has royal connections, so his wishes take precedence over Philippe’s.

^ ^ ^
Her mouth felt dry and her skin prickled with something that felt like a mixture of fear and nervous excitement. If what she’d read about de Sade was true, the man hadn’t been averse to the odd orgy. In fact, the after-dinner orgies were a big part of his infamy. So maybe that’s what the people here were doing. Spending their weekends living life à la de Sade in one of his old haunts.
Convinced she’d solved the mystery, she took a step closer to get a better view of the action. She wasn’t exactly a prude herself, but these guys were really behaving with wild abandon. If any of them had any inhibitions in their regular lives, they’d left them at home tonight.
The naked woman with the kohl-rimmed eyes was now sitting on the young man’s lap. “Touch me,” she instructed loudly. Laying back against his chest, she opened her legs wide and began playing with herself. “I want you to touch me here. Like this, yes? Mmm…it feels so good.”
The young man appeared a little hesitant to do her bidding, so the woman took his hand, opened up her black muff, and tucked his forefinger between the glistening pink folds of her sex. “Rub me like this,” she said, moving his digit back and forth. “And if you’re a very good boy and make me come…” She laughed and tried to make him move his finger a little faster. “I’ll suck your cock as a reward. You would like that, yes?”
The young man’s face was now beet red, but he got the message, and as he redoubled his efforts with the woman’s clit, the couple next to them decided to stop petting and get it on for real.
Mariette watched, her eyes wide, as the man stood up, lifted the woman to waist height and impaled her on his shaft. But then her eyes widened even further as another man joined in the fun. Wrapping his arms around the first man from behind, the second man began ramming his dick up the first man’s butt. And if that wasn’t enough, a third man came forward, opened his pants, grabbed both cheeks of the woman’s butt and did the same thing to her.
Wherever she looked, almost everyone in the room, apart from herself and the four older women, were having at it. There were men going down on women, women going down on men. Twosomes, threesomes, and even foursomes—while the women in the dark dresses and those in period costume just stood and licked their lips as they watched the action.
^ ^ ^
Don’t forget this is a blog hop. To check out the other contributors just follow this link:  http://mysexysaturday.blogspot.ca/
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TIME SHIFT Paranormal Romance

When Mariette Joubert visits the house where her grandfather was born in Paris, France, she falls through a secret doorway and finds herself in 1763, working as a courtesan in a high class house of pleasure where the infamous Marquis de Sade and his friends are regular visitors. Exclusive rights to Mariette have already been purchased by wealthy merchant, Philippe de Gaspard, but when one of de Sade’s friends decides he want her, Mariette is in big trouble. The Marquis de Vernnay is reputed to be even worse than de Sade. He also has royal connections, so his wishes take precedence over Philippe’s.
...“Ah, so we meet again, my dear mademoiselle,” de Vernnay murmured, stroking Mariette’s knee under cover of the tablecloth, as if she were his exclusive property and touching her his God-given right.
“Do you mind?” she hissed through clenched teeth, moving her knee out of his reach. “I am not available,” she added, hoping that was the right thing to say in the circumstances. “My patron…umm…my protector…”
He smiled. A rather oily, knowing smile that gave her the creeps. “You mean your lover, mademoiselle?”
“Whatever.” Mariette took a sip of wine in an attempt to hide her embarrassment. If someone was sitting on her other side, she could strike up a conversation with them and ignore de Vernnay. But, as had happened every day since she’d been here, lunch was not well attended, and the nearest person, a man sitting three seats away, appeared to be either sick or half asleep.
“So, where is he?” de Vernnay inquired, resting a hand on Mariette’s thigh.
“Where’s who?”
“This lover you say you have.”
“He’s away on business. He went to the coast. Calais, I think.”
The pressure of de Vernnay’s hand increased, and Mariette held her breath. “A long journey like that is not without hazard, mademoiselle. Many dangers lie in wait along the way.”
“So I hear.” She tried to ease herself away from his touch. But, instead of retreating the way she hoped, his hand moved to the juncture of her thighs and, to her annoyance, began groping her through her clothes.
Before she could push him away and leave, the groping stopped and his hand was under her dress, making straight for her pussy. He hooked his foot around the leg of her chair to keep her immobile, and his fingers probed her bush, trying to slide their way inside. She kept her knees pressed tightly together, but still the disgusting creature wouldn’t give up. Finally, by sheer force, he managed to push the tip of one finger between her legs and press it against her wetness.
After wiggling the finger against her clit for a few seconds, he removed it, inspected the glistening digit and then proceeded to taste the wetness with his tongue.
“You are quite delicious, my dear. Sweet as honey,” he whispered as he resumed the attack by pushing his hand back under her skirt and pulling hard on her pubic hairs. “Let me in, mademoiselle. If we are to enjoy this, I must insist you open your legs un peu. I want to fuck you with my finger, yes? ”
Mariette kept still as a statue while her mind darted in a dozen different directions. She couldn’t scream and she couldn’t run. And she sure as hell couldn’t stand to have him touching her like this. Just then, the silverware beside her plate caught her attention, reminding her she wasn’t completely helpless.
After grabbing one of the forks, she stabbed the tines hard against the back of his hand.
“Stop what you are doing at once, sir. Or I will make sure this fork goes through your hand in the same way it would go through a tender piece of filet. I doubt you would enjoy that.”
“On the contrary.” He giggled and withdrew his hand a few inches, but she could see the excitement glittering in his dark eyes. “Do you not know that pain can also be pleasure of the most exquisite kind?”
The realization that the freaky bastard had enjoyed what she’d just done and was now urging her to do him even greater hurt, made Mariette feel ill... 

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     The last thing Luke Fiorelli wants to do as a member of a close-knit immigrant family living in the Italian neighborhood of a small town, is embarrass or upset them by openly declaring his sexuality. Moving to the big city isn’t an option for a couple of reasons: partly because he owns a successful landscaping business, and partly because his family wouldn’t understand him relocating on what they would interpret as a whim. So, by convincing himself that his strait-laced father would kill him if he ever found out about Luke’s sexuality, and satisfying his needs with the occasional weekend trip out of town, Luke has never had a problem keeping that part of his life a deep, dark secret.
That is, until he meets handsome and openly gay Travis Barrington III. The attraction between the two men is strong and instantaneous, and suddenly Luke is scrambling to invent even more excuses to keep his secret.
Travis, however, knows all about secrets and the harm they can do, but can he convince Luke to accept that and step out into the light? 
Luke Fiorelli watched Travis Barrington III across the makeshift desk in the construction site office, fascinated by the movement of the man’s nicely manicured hands as they sifted through the contents of a file. He swallowed hard, desperate to deny the shiver of awareness that heated his blood and sent his thoughts skittering in directions they had no business going.
He’d first met Travis a couple of months ago, at Barrington Properties’ corporate headquarters in downtown Rock Bay. Travis had personally taken delivery of Luke’s last-minute bid to landscape the grounds at what was to be the jewel in the Barrington crown, a new hotel on the coast a few miles north of town. Luke had hoped his bid would be successful, but he’d long ago learned not to expect miracles. Competition was stiff for plum commercial jobs like this and there were dozens of landscaping companies more experienced and better known than Fiorelli Exteriors.
However, in the split second it had taken for that envelope to change hands, something had passed between himself and Travis, and Luke had known for an absolute fact that the job would be his. He couldn’t explain how he’d known; he just had. Maybe it was what the experts labeled a moment, a flash of precognition that sometimes happened, or good old-fashioned e.s.p. Whatever it was, less than a week later, Travis had called to confirm Luke had indeed submitted the winning bid.
It had happened, it was over, but the incident still continued to bother Luke. He didn’t have moments or suffer from ESP. Even so, something must have triggered the sudden feeling of knowing the future, and he didn’t have much to choose from. There had been the initial, brief but all-encompassing eye contact with Travis that made Luke feel as if he’d been swallowed whole. Then the zap of electricity traveling up his arm as their fingers touched when Travis took possession of the package. Then again, maybe it had just been one of those weird, inexplicable things that happen but defy all rational explanation.
Whatever it was, from then on, any time Luke ran into Travis, he started feeling wary and off balance, like he was walking on eggs, or balancing on the edge of a cliff. And it didn’t help in between those times he couldn’t quit thinking about the man or having ridiculous dreams where the two of them were locked together in a passionate embrace.
Travis was handsome, rich, a real player by all accounts, and totally out of Luke’s league. The last person on earth Luke would want to hook up with, yet his fingers itched to touch his skin, to get naked with him. He wanted to run his fingers through the man’s long black hair and kiss his wide mouth. He wanted to taste him and—
Just then, Travis looked up, a faintly troubled look on his handsome face, giving Luke the craziest urge to just walk around the desk and solve whatever was bothering him with a reassuring hug. However, while Travis made no secret of the fact he was gay and proud of it, Luke was not. Hell, there were times when Luke wasn’t even sure what he was. Although that wasn’t exactly true. He’d done enough messing around, first in high school and later in college, to be very sure.
However, he’d grown up in a family with strong conservative values and strait-laced views on just about everything. He didn’t need to hear his dad’s views on homosexuality to know the way he and his friends thought. It was something decent people didn’t talk about, so telling his parents had been totally out of the question. As a result, Luke’s almost non-existent sex life was, of necessity, restricted to DIY and weekend trips out of town to somewhere like L.A., Vegas, or San Francisco.
If his secret ever got out… Luke shuddered inwardly at the very thought. His dad would kill him. Guaranteed. 
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Double Delicious, Like A Moth To The Flame, and Oh, George

The above books are once again available at www.allromanceebooks.com
Suzie Nield has been fantasizing about Matt Porter and Mike Hanes for weeks, ever since moving into the house across the street from the handsome duo. Unbeknownst to Suzie, however, Matt and Mike have being doing the same thing regarding her...
Yet except for the occasional smile or wave in passing, the trio never does more than fantasize. In fact, Suzie is fast coming to the conclusion the men are either painfully shy, which she seriously doubts, or that the pleasure-seeking playboys, as one of the other neighbors describes them, are the kind of men who are more interested in picking up babes and putting notches on their bedposts than they are in developing adult relationships.
But on Friday the 13th, fantasy becomes reality, and Suzie finally gets to know Mike and Matt. This will be the day she loses everything important in her life, and the day the sexy duo asks her to be the one thing that is missing in theirs... 
Ramona knew, for someone as sexually inexperienced as herself, falling in love with a heartbreaker like Ari Tarasios was a pretty stupid thing to do.  Not only is Ari a client at the place where Ramona works, Ari is also a swinger who makes no secret of the fact he likes to swing both ways.  What Ramona doesn't know, however, until Ari invites her over for a swim and dinner at his house, is that the sexy swinger likes to take his pleasures in triplicate--he enjoys to watch and be watched.  And so does his equally handsome friend Darius Stewart.  With her pride at stake, Ramona tries to mask her inexperience until she realizes she's in way over her head.  All she can do now is either turn tail and run...or savor every single moment…


By projecting the image of a swinging bachelor, company owner Zack Hannington has never had a problem keeping his personal life private from his employees. But when handsome and ambitious George Parker joins the secretarial pool, Zack finds himself indulging in X-rated daydreams that stress him out and seriously mess with his head. 
He knows George is a kindred spirit, and he’s positive he’s met the man somewhere before, but he can’t remember where or when, and his own rule of never playing house with "the help" makes matters worse. 

Zack doesn’t know if he’s in love or in lust with George, but just as everything seems to be working out even better than his dreams, he screws up and loses it all... 

Or has he?

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IWSG Blog - Wednesday, June 1, 2016

IWSG BLOG – Wednesday, June 1, 2016



The Insecure Writer’s Support Group

When Amber Quill Press closed at the end of March, I had 60+/- books that needed to find new homes. Yes, I panicked. And yes, I made myself sick trying to find an instant solution to the problem.
Now, two months later, 9 are again available, and another 15 will be following in the near future. Some from Loose Id and MLR Press, a few in multi-author boxed sets being published by a friend, and those I plan on self-publishing at ARE.

It’ll take a while to re-issue them all, but with time and patience it’ll happen. In the meantime, I’d like to thank the readers who have continued to support me through this difficult transition. It’s meant a lot to know you’re still out there J

Right now, I need to work on getting something new out. I have several things in progress, but next up will most likely be another Amethyst Cove mystery. Greg is still looking for Ash’s, his lover’s, biological family despite what appears to be a total lack of useful information. He’s also trying to find a client’s son who has the ability to disappear and reappear whenever it suits him. Ash just wants Greg to forget about business long enough so they can set a date.

* * *

This is the IWSG blog hop and you can check out the other bloggers’ posts via this link: http://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com/p/iwsg-sign-up.html

^ ^ ^

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