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MySexySaturday - Independence Day - May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016

No spaceships or flights of fancy from me this week. Instead I have a man who has had enough of taking a backseat to his lover’s career ambitions and moves to Las Vegas for a fresh start. For this week’s MySexySaturday here are seven paragraphs from:


By Christiane France


When Nick Gregorio’s former lover, Al Martinsen, came to Vegas wanting to make up, Nick was prepared to listen. However, for Nick, returning to their hometown to resume playing second fiddle to Al’s ambitions was not an option, and he suggested Al move to Vegas permanently.

Weeks pass with no word from Al, and Nick doesn’t know what to think. Is Al still considering moving to Vegas, or does his silence say it all? Then an old friend from Nick’s hometown comes to work with Nick at The Neapolitan and gives Nick news that sends him reeling with shock, anger and total despair. He knew Al had allowed ambition to dominate his life, but even he found it hard to believe Al would go so far as to commit the ultimate betrayal. There’s no going back for either of them now.

In desperation, Nick looks for temporary oblivion in the form of a night out that turns nasty when he’s beaten and robbed by a gang of teenage male prostitutes. Fortunately for Nick, his new friend and boss, Trip Browning, comes to his aid, and with Trip’s support Nick is able to resume work planning the gala opening of The Neapolitan’s newest restaurant. That is until Trip delivers a surprise of his own and sends Nick’s world spinning in a whole different direction. 

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Nick picked up his glass and stared into the amber depths of his drink. “I’m in one of those classic catch-22 situations. I’m split down the middle between emotion and commonsense. I don’t have a clue which one is right. So, if you have an opinion, let me hear it.”

Trip leaned forward and rested his folded arms on the edge of the bar. “From what you’ve said, there’s no question but what you love the guy. Problem is the relationship no longer works. Sorry, but there’s no way I can see how you going back will fix it. The same conditions still exist that made you leave in the first place.”

“You mean Al’s double life and his refusal to face reality?”

“Exactly. I agree it’s a tough call. But if you can’t talk him into giving it up and moving down here, then you’ll have to accept going back won’t work and let him go.”

Let Al go? As in permanently, forever and for all time?

Nick knew it was something he had to consider, but could he actually go through with it? His moving here to Vegas didn’t count because he’d been sure Al would eventually come after him, and he had. “I don’t want to go back. I really don’t. The thought of looking for a new place to live and then all the hassle of starting up a new business is enough to make me puke. Plus, as you say, the same conditions still exist.”

Just then, Trip turned and captured Nick’s gaze. Suddenly, the air between them felt thick with tension, expectant, and Nick noticed something in Trip’s expression he’d never thought to see. It reminded him of those longing but resigned looks he’d seen on kids’ faces at Christmastime when they checked out stuff in the store windows, knowing their parents couldn’t afford to buy it for them.

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  1. Great tension in this piece. Makes me want to read more.

  2. Such a sad expression on Trip :-(