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May 7. 2016 - MySexySaturday - And The Cat Came Back

May 7, 2016 

No sexy dances in my backlist, but I do have a manipulative feline who believes his master needs company and sets out to provide it. So, for this week’s MySexySaturday here are seven paragraphs from:



By Christiane France


Home renovator Seth Lawley is ready to settle down if the right man comes along, but he’s cautious. He believes he who hesitates saves himself a whole lot of heartbreak.

Grant Kenyon, on the other hand, is ready to take a chance. He figures anyone who hesitates when it comes to grabbing what he wants from life risks losing out.

Foofuss, Grant’s bossy, matchmaking Persian cat, has decided his master needs company and Seth is it...that’s if he can figure out the perfect plan to bring the two of them together.

^ ^ ^
The cat pricked up his ears, gobbled the last bits of kibble in the dish and bolted for the open front door.

I dashed after him, arriving in time to see what I figured was the animal’s owner scooping him up. The early morning sun peeking through the clouds behind the man hid his features and gave him an ethereal quality. For a split second, it was if one of the sea captains from my dreams had come to life…tall, thin, deeply tanned, with sinewy whipcord muscles he’d earned sailing his ship through a vicious winter storm that ripped across the lake, threatening to destroy everything in its path. Or maybe it was a summer storm. The wind had dropped and he’d been stranded out there on the water for weeks, hence the great tan—

“Hah, there you are, you little devil. I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” he chastised, giving the cat a kiss on the head and bringing me back from dreamland.

“He’s your cat?” I inquired, feeling a tiny twinge of disappointment.

“Yup. He sure is.” The man smiled. “I hope he wasn’t making a nuisance of himself.”

“No, he was fine.” The cat licked his chops and gave me a smug look. “I saw him on the steps when I drove past yesterday. He looked so sad, as if he was waiting for someone. He was still here this morning when we arrived, so I figured…”

Warm brown eyes captured my gaze, and I felt that unmistakable “click” of sexual awareness pass between us. “That he was lost and starving? That perhaps the former owners had left him behind?”

^ ^ ^

P.S. The cat on the cover is my 9-year old Persian puss, Domino, who took great pleasure in teaching Foofuss all he knows on the art of how to manipulate people into doing his bidding.

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