Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blues In The Night now back at All Romance

Blues In The Night is again available and with a beautiful new cover courtesy of KC Kendricks.

We've all heard the platitudes--into every life a little rain must fall; every dark cloud has a silver lining; and my all-time favorite, if it was meant to be this wouldn't have happened. What I do believe is that everything happens for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, as Alain is about to find out.

Christiane France
After a six-month work-related separation, Alain and his partner James planned to meet up for the perfect dream vacation. Then James calls and cancels. He’s met someone new and their relationship is over.
Alain is devastated, and he leaves the hotel in a daze. Evening turns to night and as he walks up one street and down the next, he hears music drifting up from a basement nightclub. The singer sounds like Kenny Dumaine, a man Alain used to know, and he goes in to check.
           It takes a moment for Kenny to remember Alain. As an entertainer and always on the move, he’s learned to keep things casual. But Alain’s upset, he’s been drinking, and in no state to be alone. Where’s the harm in offering an old friend a little badly needed TLC? Kenny’s last performance is tomorrow night, and the next day he’ll be gone.

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