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IWSG BLOG – Wednesday, April 6, 2016

IWSG BLOG – Wednesday, April 6, 2016


The Insecure Writer’s Support Group

Despite a storm that left the Lower Great Lakes Basin with about four inches of snow and -11C temperature Monday a.m., there is some good news: My 3 Amethyst Cove stories, Missing, Presumed Dead, Missing, But Not Dead, and Still Missing, are again available at Kobo, Nook, iTunes, and a few other outlets. The next step will be to upload them to AllRomanceebooks and Amazon. 

Self-publishing is amazingly easy in so many ways, but it can be amazingly difficult in others. Such as electronic forms that say there are errors and you can’t proceed until they’re corrected. What errors? They don’t tell you what the errors are. It’s up to you to figure them out or give up.

More and more authors are taking the indie or self-publishing route and it makes perfect sense to me—particularly when it comes to a publisher closing and authors needing to rehome their backlists. The books have been professionally edited and published, so it’s simply a matter of buying (or creating) a new cover and following the bookseller’s requirements to get it reissued. There are plenty of books and “how-to” articles on the subject that are quite simple to follow. I must admit that my first attempt was far easier than I expected. Anything I messed up on, I was able to go in and correct.  

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  1. Great news! I was really nervous when I first self-published too, but it is easy and I love the control it gives me. :) Good luck and have a fantastic week.