Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 7 – F is for FEAR - #atozchallenge

April 7 – F is for FEAR - #atozchallenge

What am I afraid of? Everything. And it’s largely my own fault.

When I was a teenager I had this friend who was scared of everything. She was always saying, what if this and what if that, while I went blundering along assuming everyone loved me and I’d come to no harm. But then I found myself paying attention to her constant “what ifs” and wondering if just maybe she was right. That I should stop and think before stepping blindly into things.
With that in mind, I tried it on for size, but somewhere along the way it got out of hand. Now I’m afraid of trying anything new or different in case it goes wrong. And who knows if the tried and true will work the same the next time I avail myself of whatever it has to offer? As for meeting new people, I’m not so much afraid as super careful. The stuff you hear in the news may sound like fiction, but remember fiction is based in fact.

A young man who lived not far from where I do had a FOR SALE sign on his truck. He gave a prospective buyer a test drive and was never seen again—until his incinerated remains were discovered and his murderer apprehended. The really scary part is that the pair had never met before that fateful day.

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  1. I wrote an entire month's worth of fears for A-to-Z a couple of years ago. There's plenty out there to be afraid of.

    Keep looking over your shoulder!