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April 30 – Z is for ZIGZAGGING

 April 30 – Z is for ZIGZAGGING

This is another thing we do every waking minute of every day. Zigzag back and forth between two or more choices. Cereals or porridge for breakfast? Shall I clearn the kitchen first or the bathroom?  Shall I take the blue top or the green one? Is this lettuce better than that one? Or what about the one over there? They all look pretty much the same but are they really?
It’s not that we don’t know what we want, we’re simply spoiled for choice. If there was only a blue top in our size, or just one lettuce left in the bin, we’d take it and be perfectly satisfied. But when there’s more than one that’s when the fun starts. We want to be quite sure we’re getting good value for our money, that the lettuce we chose first is indeed the best of the bunch, or that maybe Suzy was right when she said I looked better in green than blue.

Some years ago I bought a painting from the artist. One in his display of about a dozen water colors caught my eye. But then I saw another I thought I maybe liked better, then another, and within seconds I was totally confused. That’s when the artist stepped in and said since the paintings were all equally visible if I was going to buy anything it should be the one I’d first noticed. He was right. I don’t remember the other paintings, but I bought that first one and it still hangs on my dining room wall.

To all the A-Z bloggers and those who follow our ramblings, thanks for the comments and the views. And here’s hoping to see you all again next year.

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