Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 28 – X is for X MARKS THE SPOT

April 28 – X is for X MARKS THE SPOT 

The dictionary didn’t have much in the way of emotions, feelings or thoughts under the letter X, but when I think of X MARKS THE SPOT it can apply to a whole range of different things:

The shiver of excited anticipation that slides down my spine when someone or something touches a particularly sensitive spot on my body.

Or the excitement when the numbers I marked with an X turn out to be the winning lottery numbers.

Then there are those old maps where I’ve marked the places I’ve visited with an X. I only have to look at them to start remembering—mostly with joy but sometimes with a little sadness… London, the city where I was born. The tiny village between London and Oxford where I was raised and picked primroses, violets and bluebells in the surrounding woods. The same place where my parents and sister are buried. Paris, the city of light. The Palace of the Popes in Avignon, France, and the Chateau d’If, a short boat ride from the port city of Marseille. The Jungfrau in Switzerland. Italy’s Amalfi Drive and the Italian Riviera. Torremolinos in Spain, and Dusseldorf in Germany. Vancouver Island, Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and New York City. So many X’s marking so many spots and each one reviving so many wonderful memories.  

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