Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 25 – U is for UNDERSTANDING

April 25 – U is for UNDERSTANDING 

People say they understand, but do they really? Do they even care enough to do that?

I make an excuse to get out of doing something and the other person says, “That’s fine. I understand.”  Or when the situation is reversed and I say the same thing, do we truly understand and appreciate where the other party is coming from or are we just mouthing words? Do either of us bother to stop and understand the guilt the other would feel at leaving a sick child or partner to go out and have fun? Or do we cut to the chase and think to ourselves, oh, sure, what I understand is that you’re just making up excuses--your jealous boyfriend won’t let you out of his sight, or your spoiled kid will throw a fit, or you can’t afford the outing but won’t admit it. Or my all-time favorite—we’ve waited weeks to do this and now you have to go and get sick.

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