Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 22 – S is for SADNESS

April 22 – S is for SADNESS 

So many things can make a person Sad. The loss of a family member, a friend, or a beloved pet undoubtedly top the list. But what about the innocence of childhood and the loss of youth? Then there are the changes that happen in the name of progress? Beautiful old buildings demolished to make way for a parking lot or a new superstore. 

Another thing that make me sad is when I see lives wasted for no good reason. People with talent to spare but no ambition to pursue it. The same goes for opportunities that are missed for the same lack of interest and always with the flimsiest of excuses—I couldn’t be bothered, it looked like a lot of work, or I didn’t think it was for real. 

But today is far from sad for me. Today I’m doing the happy dance, thrilled to announce the re-release of It’s Complicated from MLR Press - the first book in the Peninsula Heights series.


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