Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 15 – M is for MOVING ON - #atozchallenge


April 15 – M is for MOVING ON - #atozchallenge 

Letting go of the past is difficult, and Moving On is a challenge. Change is never easy, but losing my husband and my long time publisher within the short space of three months has turned my life inside out and changed it in so many ways. 

Shopping for food and cooking for one is a trick all by itself and not as easy as one might think, but I’m getting there. I’ve discovered that cooking for two every other day is the answer and not having to consider anyone’s taste in food other than my own is an added bonus. 

Amber Quill Press could not have chosen a worse time to close, or so I thought when the notice arrived on January 2, 2016. I was in a total panic. I’d lost everything. Life as I knew it was over. While that was true in many ways, AQP’s closure has given me other things to think about and other publishing avenues to explore. 

The two most important things in my life gone forever, yet one coming so quickly after the other has actually helped me to Move On. Life does indeed work in strange and mysterious ways.

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