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April 13 – K is for KNOWING - #atozchallenge

April 13 – K is for KNOWING - #atozchallenge

Such as Knowing unimportant but juicy bits of gossip that need to be carefully considered before being passed on: Is it true? Is it nice? Is it necessary? 

There’s a soap I watch that believes in “telling all” regardless of who gets hurt. Why? Stories always gain something in the retelling. A small added twist or nuance the teller included. Maybe unintentionally, or perhaps for dramatic effect to make it all sound more interesting… Such as the, “She didn’t actually say it but I know that’s what she meant,” without stopping to think of the harm the addition may cause. The teller puts her or his spin on the story, then the listener does the same and suddenly everything changes. There’s never anything lost in the retelling and by the time the story has been retold a few times the small incident or event that started it has become a three-act play. 

Was what I heard for real? Was there more to it than they said? Was it true? Was it a lie? Or did they just make it up? Heads will roll, lives will be ruined or forever changed, and for what? All because someone couldn’t resist giving the pot that little extra stir.  

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