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April 12 – J is for JEALOUSY - #atozchallenge

April 12 – J is for JEALOUSY - #atozchallenge 

IMHO Jealousy is a completely wasted emotion. It will twist you up into a snaggle-toothed monster crying your heart out and railing against the injustice of whatever you find so wrong or unfair and for what? You don’t stand a chance of the decision being reversed. Someone else won or was given what you thought should be yours, and you lost out. Period. Full stop. The End. 

A little jealousy over another person’s good fortune or possessions is normal to a degree. But don’t get carried away. With a little hard work maybe you can get yourself some of those goodies. 

Jealousy in regard to the actions of a partner or close friend is the biggest waste of all. If you’re right and the loved one is a cheating, lying, son of a gun, jealousy won’t hurt anyone but yourself. And if you’re wrong and they’re not the two-timing loser you thought, jealousy is one of the quickest ways to drive that person away.  
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  1. So true, but then why does jealousy come so naturally? No idea.
    Melanie Schulz from