Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 11 – I is for INDECISION - #atozchallenge

April 11 – I is for INDECISION - #atozchallenge

Indecision is first cousin to Hesitation, but it’s a whole lot more complicated. With Hesitation it’s usually a simple case of yes or no. Can I afford it? Do I really want it? Do I actually need it? 

But when it comes to indecision, it’s usually a case of I want it But. So then I go through all the reasons as to why not—it’s impractical, inconvenient, too costly, I don’t have the time, it’ll take up too much space, it’s risky—what if it doesn’t work and I can’t get my money back? Plus a whole laundry list of other reasons. 

Of course, I desperately want whatever it is regardless of all the why nots, and that’s where the real tricky part comes in. How can I justify making it mine? 

Sometimes I can’t and I have to let the item or opportunity go. But, needless to say, not before I’ve thoroughly exhausted every possible angle or avenue.

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