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MySexySaturday - January 23, 2016 - LIKE A MOTH TO THE FLAME

January 23, 2016 

For this week’s MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from:


By Christiane France
Contemporary m/m/f


Ramona knew, for someone as sexually inexperienced as herself, falling in love with a heartbreaker like Ari Tarasios was a pretty stupid thing to do. Not only is Ari a client at the place where Ramona works, Ari is also a swinger who makes no secret of the fact he likes to swing both ways.

What Ramona doesn’t know, however, until Ari invites her over for a swim and dinner at his house, is that the sexy swinger likes to take his pleasures in triplicate—he also enjoys to watch and be watched. And so does his equally handsome friend Darius Stewart. With her pride at stake, Ramona tries to mask her inexperience until she realizes she’s in way over her head. All she can do now is turn tail and run... Or stay and savor every single moment?

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...Darius returned with a tray containing three glasses, three bottles of beer, and a couple of cans of soda. “What would have been bad for Darius?” he asked.

“If we’d started without you. Rami’s getting impatient, so can you please put that stuff down and join us before she attacks me?”

After setting the tray on the nightstand, Darius took a handful of small silver packages from the top drawer of the bureau, gave one to Ari, and dropped the others on the nightstand.

Darius then got behind Ari on the bed, pulled Ari up into a kneeling position and began to stroke Ari’s cock, sending Ramona’s blood pressure spiraling as she again watched the play of emotion on their faces. Since Ari was fully aroused, Darius suggested Ramona take the condom Ari had just opened and put it on him.

The last thing Ramona wanted to do was highlight her inexperience by showing any reluctance to do as they asked, but even so, her hands were shaking as she accepted the protective covering from Ari, then wondered what she was supposed to do next. This was something her previous lovers had always done for themselves, and she wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it until Darius said, “It’s easy—like putting a mitten or a sock on a baby. Start by covering the tip and then just roll it all the way up.”

Ramona discovered it was far easier than she’d anticipated, and when Darius released Ari and asked if she’d like to do the same for him, she managed it with no trouble at all.

“Now what?” she asked, her curiosity at an all time high as she tried to recall some of the gymnastics she’d seen on late-night TV.

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