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MySexySaturday - January 16, 2016 - BLAME IT ON FATE

January 16, 2016 

For this week’s MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from:


By Christiane France
Contemporary m/f

While in Europe on family business, Kate had a three-day fling with a fellow American—a brief, "ships that pass in the night" affair. She didn’t expect their paths would ever cross again, but three months later Paul shows up in Kate’s hometown. The feelings are still very much there. Fate has brought them back together and Kate’s over the moon with excitement… Until she discovers Paul has taken a teaching job at the same university where she’s a student. A university with a strictly enforced zero-tolerance policy when it comes to romantic entanglements between the staff and the students.

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“Have you ever had any problems with female students?”

“A couple. It goes with the job”

Releasing the catch on her seatbelt, Kate moved a little closer. “I can understand that. I’ll even admit to being a tad interested in you myself.”

“That’s only because you and I have a little history.”

“You think? Maybe I can use that in my defense if we’re caught making out and get hauled up before the dean. I’ll tell him we have a history, and that I just couldn’t help myself because I had knowledge aforethought. Think he’ll understand?”

He laughed and kissed her fingers. “No. He’ll say that makes it even worse. That I should have had the sense to step away before it got that far. And then I’ll say, ‘I didn’t stand a chance, dean. She maybe small, but she’s very strong, and I’m afraid she overpowered me.’”

“You wouldn’t dare say that.” She hesitated, then chuckled as she walked her fingers down his chest, stopping just below his waist. “Would you?”

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