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After being my main publisher for the past thirteen years, I’m sad to announce that Amber Quill Press will be closing its doors on March 30, 2016. They did indeed set the Gold Standard in publishing. They always treated their authors fairly and honestly throughout that time. They’ve never missed a royalty payment and now they’re doing everything they can to help us move on to whatever the next stop on the road of life turns out to be.

The owners of Amber Quill are great people who I’m honored to count as friends, and I know they’re as upset as what I and all their other authors are about it.

They did nothing wrong. They simply had no choice. The sad truth being that small business cannot compete with the big guys. and that’s what’s happened here. They’re victims of the same thing that closed the mom and pop stores way back after the big box people arrived.

Life constantly moves on and changes, and it’s called progress. When I first came to the city where I currently reside, the downtown area was thriving and vibrant. The main street was lined with all the best stores. Today, they’re gone, replaced by convenience stores, loan companies, fast food restaurants, and real estate agents’ signs saying the premises are available for rent.

Right now I’m feeling a little (make that a lot) panicky and very insecure. After losing my husband this past October, my writing has become even more important to me. It’s all I had left and to lose my publisher is devastating. I’m worried I won’t find a new home for my books. That other publishers won’t like my work. That they’ll say it’s not what readers want. The only other option is self-publishing and that’s a step I’m not sure I want to attempt.

The good news is that, thanks to Amber Quill’s owners giving us advance notice, I have almost three months in which to do my research, consider the available options, and make plans for the future. At least I don’t have to rush into anything, and that’s a bonus the majority of authors in this situation are rarely blessed with.

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  1. Wow it's tough when reality smacks you in the face. So sorry to hear your publisher is closing, but glad to see you are planning to find another home for your books. My daughter's job was eliminated in Dec due to her employer's financial problems. Self esteem takes a hit, but she's bouncing back this month. You will too. Best wishes

  2. Even with closing the company, the AQ owners have shown a lot of class. I'm happy to have been associated with them for these past several years.

  3. I second KC's comments. It's sad to see them go. They were so easy to deal with. I took a long hiatus from writing to deal with some family issues and was planning to return this year. I feel like I'm starting all over again. Not that it won't be the first time, but as I get older I feel like it's harder to get back in the saddle, even with published works behind me.