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December 12, 2015:


For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from CIAO, CIAO BAMBINA—an erotic contemporary m/f romance in which childhood sweethearts meet again unexpectedly.

by Christiane France


Turning failing companies into winners doesn’t leave Dani Stevens with a lot of time for herself. It certainly doesn’t allow her time to find a man with whom she can indulge her sexual fantasies.

But then Dani goes to Las Vegas on business and is recognized by a man she hasn’t seen since they were both kids. Twenty years ago, Roberto Ventura was Dani’s first love, and she was his, and they were both devastated when circumstances forced them to part.

Can a teenage crush survive a twenty-year separation? Especially now when Roberto is Vegas’ latest heartthrob, a handsome, sexy, Italian singer who can have any woman he wants?

          The sound of Roberto’s voice sent Dani’s temperature soaring and her feelings of guilt into overdrive. She tried to get a grip on her composure. So what if she was watching a dirty movie? She wasn’t hurting anyone, and she wasn’t doing anything wrong. And Roberto couldn’t possibly know what she had been doing. He couldn’t see her red face, or the rumpled bed, or what the couple were doing on TV, even so… She ran a shaky hand over her hair and nervously twisted a dark, silky strand around her forefinger. “Hi. This is a surprise,” she said in a weak voice she barely recognized as her own.

          Leaning back against the pillows, she pressed the ‘mute’ button on the remote. The couple were in the shower now, and the man was down on his knees, gently tugging the woman’s knees apart—
          “What are you doing?”

          The man succeeded in parting the woman’s legs, and Dani felt herself getting wet again. “Doing? Me? Nothing. Why?” As the man began to tease the woman with his tongue, Dani’s fingers started to creep under the edge of her panties. She quickly pulled them out and used them to smooth the rumpled sheet instead.
          “I was supposed to go over some new material today, but a couple of the people who were supposed to be there can’t make it, so rehearsals been cancelled. So, I was wondering…”

          The man’s tongue was delving deeper now, and the woman’s hands were locked in his hair. Dani’s fingers forgot about smoothing the sheet and took off down her belly with another goal in mind. But before it could get them both into trouble, she snatched it back and carefully scrutinized her nails. “Wondering what?”
          “I was wondering if you’d like to have lunch with me?”


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