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MySexySaturday - The Gallery On Main Street

November 7, 2015: 

For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from The Gallery On Main Street—an erotic contemporary m/m romance in which our main character finds himself desperately wanting a man he doesn’t even like.

by Christiane France


Martyn Cole doesn’t like his late uncle’s business partner, and he knows the feeling is mutual. Trouble is he wants Simon Deschamps as badly as he suspects Simon wants him, and when the terms of his uncle’s Will force them to work together, Martyn knows he must either figure a way to redirect his emotions elsewhere, or deal with them head on.

After deciding on the direct approach, he calls Simon, says they need to talk, and suggests they have dinner together. However, the restaurant Martyn had in mind is closed, so Simon takes him to a nearby club. Martyn isn’t sure what to expect, but just as he gives up hope of the evening developing beyond dinner and a drink, things take a definite and exciting turn as the lights dim, the music is turned up, and Simon draws Martyn into his arms and onto the dance floor.  


          The lights dim even further until the room is dark as sin and it’s only the spotlights highlighting the walls. The volume of the music increases, and Simon takes my hand, urging me on to the tiny dance floor a few feet away.

          The room disappears as I close my eyes and give myself up to the moment, the music and the man. I’m caught up somewhere between wide awake and dreaming. I know my most outrageous desires are about to come true, and I relish the delicious sensation of Simon’s nearness as we slow dance our way around the cramped space.

          My arms encircle Simon’s waist, and he cups my ass in his hands, squeezing and kneading until I’m breathless with need. Our mouths meet and our tongues tangle. He’s as turned on as I am, and I smell his body-heat as his slips a hand between us and begins to caress my dick.

          I’m so content and so happy, I could stay like this forever. But the music changes to something a little more up-tempo, and we go back to our table.

          Without a word and without missing a beat, Simon picks up where he left off a moment ago. Wrapping an arm around me, I feel the warm, wet glide of his tongue along my lips while his free hand opens the zipper of my jeans and slips inside. I’m hot, I’m hard, and I hold my breath as I feel his cool hand touch my aroused cock. I tell myself to hold on, to keep my mind firmly focused. I’m a heartbeat from coming, and I want to enjoy this. I want to make it last for a minute or two at the very least.

          His fingers skim me lightly from root to tip, and I shiver with excitement. Then he rubs the tip with the pad of his thumb, and the slightly callused texture of his skin pushes me right to the edge.

          “Let it happen,” he murmurs as he wraps his hand around my shaft and begins to slide it up and down the entire length, gradually increasing the pressure and speed until I know I can’t hold back for even one more second, and then and only then do I push his hand away.
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