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IWSG Blog Hop - November 4, 2015

November 4, 2015


Moving On: 

Three weeks ago my husband passed away painlessly and peacefully in his sleep. He had congestive heart failure and he was so weak and so tired his enjoyment of life was long gone. I know he wanted to go, and I know he was more than ready, just as I know, too, what happened was for the best.

Everyone tells me to stay strong. That I need to accept it and move on. I’m trying, but saying goodbye is the hardest thing I’ve ever done—except I haven’t done it, not really. Maybe one day but not yet. We spent too many years together for me to just blow it all off with a kiss, a wave of my hand, and a whispered “Thanks for the memories.” He was my love, my whole life, my reason for being, what motivated me to get up each morning. I miss him so much and I’ve learned the hard way that we never truly realize what we have until it’s gone.

Love you, honey. Forever and always.

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