Friday, October 2, 2015

MySexySaturday - JUST ONE LOOK

October 3, 2015:

For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from JUST ONE LOOK—an erotic m/f contemporary.


by Christiane France


Toni Peters rarely takes chances or tries new things, always sticking close to home and going along with the tried and the true—until her old schoolfriend, Jane Doyle, who is currently working at a hotel in Paris, France, calls and suggests they take a month-long tour of Europe, the vacation they’ve always talked about but never got around to.

When Toni arrives in Paris, she discovers Jane quit her job and moved south to another hotel in Marseille. Toni goes to Marseille and checks all the hotels, but to no avail. Jane seems to have disappeared off the planet—that is until Toni receives an unsigned note telling her to be at Les Arbres in Cassis at noon  the next day. Figuring the note is from Jane, Toni takes the bus to Cassis, but instead of finding Jane at Les Arbres she finds British cop, Neil Trenton.


Neil held her gaze for a moment—a very long moment filled with something hot and unexpectedly sexual, a moment that made her feel so dizzy with longing she forgot to breathe. As he looked away, she sucked in a breath. But then he stretched, flexing his muscles like a big cat. She glanced at the bump at the juncture of his thighs and felt a rush of dampness in her crotch. She imagined herself straddling that bump, sliding down the zipper on his jeans and—
          He suddenly looked up at her through half-closed eyes, a faint smile playing over his full lips, and she wondered if he’d read her mind. She felt a sudden thrill of anticipation, knowing for absolute sure he’d read her mind—from cover to cover, because something about that smile was just a little too knowing.

          “You didn’t interrupt a thing. Nothing that can’t wait that is.”

          “Oh, sure. Bet you say that to all the girls,” she said, trying to rid her mind of the x-rated thoughts and wondering why she felt so hot and strangely off-balance. Maybe she was sickening for something. Maybe the sausage in the sandwich she had for lunch yesterday had been past its sell by date.

          “To be honest, I rarely have time for the fair sex. Between recent budget cuts which have resulted in me having to do more than just my own job, I have neither the time nor the energy. And no, I’m not married. Never have been, and I have no immediate plans in that direction.”

          Toni frowned. “Why would I care whether or not you’re married?”

His smile broadened. “Because I think I have the same effect on you as you do on me. I can see it on your face, and in your body language.”

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