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October 31, 2015:

For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from Independence Day—an erotic contemporary m/m romance in which Nick Gregorio tries to figure out if he should return to the past and Al, his former lover? Or should he keep moving forward and embrace whatever the future may hold?


by Christiane France


The perfect plan for success, or a guaranteed recipe for disaster?

It sounded like such a simple, mutually beneficial arrangement when the idea was hatched over drinks in a bar late one night. A little short-term pain for long-term gain, or so Nick’s ambitious boyfriend, Al, believed. If Nick would take a back seat while Al played the doting husband to Missy, daughter of the town’s leading lawyer for a couple of months, Al’s lifelong dream of a partnership with Hilldale & Partners would finally be achieved. In return, Missy would be out from under her daddy’s thumb, free to follow her own alternative lifestyle. And then, after a short interval, Nick and Al could pick up where they left off, and everyone would live happily ever after.

As far as spur-of-the-moment plans went, this one sounded perfect.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Nick felt his face redden with embarrassment at the mind picture Al painted. “Don’t be ridiculous. Trip isn’t gay. He’s a widower with a young son. We’re casual friends and nothing more.”

Al gave Nick a narrow-eyed look. “You quite sure about that?”                   

“Sure about what?”

“All of it. Widower with a young son makes for perfect cover if you’re trying to present a nice family-man public image.”

Nick took another sip of beer, wondering if, just for once, he should let his temper rip and tell Al to take his insecurities and fuck off home to his wife, his precious job and his socially important lifestyle. “Trip doesn’t deal with the public. He’s director of personnel for the hotel’s food and beverage division. In other words, he works strictly behind the scenes.”

Al reached in the bag for another chip. “If there was no one else, why did you really leave?”

“Because…” Nick sighed. He’d rehearsed what he wanted to say a thousand times. He’d even thought about writing Al a long letter spelling it all out in infinite detail—how he was sick of being what amounted to an afterthought, to constantly taking a back seat. Except he’d realized there was no point.


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