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IWSG Blog Hop - October 7, 2015

October 7, 2015


I have several series in progress that readers seems to enjoy. Amethyst Cove is set on the coast of California and stars a former police officer turned private investigator. Another involves the residents of Peninsula Heights, a small town near Niagara Falls, and the third, Hennessey Falls, features a restaurant chain. 

In each one, the same as with any series, continuity is the key word. This means the physical descriptions and other important details that were set up in book one, both for the characters and the location, are important and must remain the same throughout any future adventures.

To keep the continuity going and also to save myself the trouble of referring back to earlier stories, I find it helps to keep these details in the form of a map for the location and as a personal profile for each character. For the major characters I also include a couple of other items which I update as the series progresses—What does this character want? How does he/she plan to get it? And what progress has he/she made to this point? Questions that come in very handy whenever you write yourself into a corner and begin to wonder: Where do we go from here? 

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  1. That is the hardest part of any series. I just finished my first series and I found I had to keep going back and forth between books because I couldn't remember things! I now have Scrivener...so hopefully it'll be easier the next time! You can create pages for different places and characters and put little details there--they're always there in the left-hand column.

    Stephanie Faris
    IWSG Co-Host

  2. I use a two monitor set up. The second monitor is like a bulletin board. All sorts of things like character bios are open in it while only the manuscript is open on the main screen. I like to use spreadsheets. The neat lines appeal to me.