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MySexySaturday - PROUD MARY

July 4, 2015:

First, I'd like to wish all my US friends a Happy 4th. I hope the weather is good and the hot dogs super tasty.
For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from:


By Christiane France

Mary Bonelli has always been a proud, I-can-do-it myself kind of person, especially when it comes to taking care of family business and keeping promises. She promised Jamie McMahon she’d marry him when she grew up, but she also promised her grandfather she’d continue to keep the family restaurant in operation. Some promises, however, aren’t always that easy to keep...

When they fell in love in high school, Jamie had hopes for a future with Mary. But different careers took them in opposite directions, and their relationship dwindled to the point where Jamie figured it was over. Yet when Mary’s grandfather dies and she returns home, Jamie has to wonder...has she come back merely to honor the promise she made to her grandfather, or is she finally ready to keep the vow she made to him on the night of their high school prom?

Jamie laughed and slipped his arm around her waist, snuggling her close so their bodies were glued together from shoulder to knee. She looked hot, felt soft as butter, and, as usual, smelled delicious. “You think sex is all men think about?”

“Absolutely. Sex and figuring out how to get into the girl’s panties in the shortest possible time.”

“I don’t waste time figuring out stuff like that,” Jamie said in a low voice as he leaned forward, scooped up some of the shrimp and popped a piece in Mary’s mouth.


“No.” He grinned, catching the sudden sexy gleam in her dark eyes as he fed her a second piece of shrimp. “Much more fun to just rip ’em off.”

“Rip them off? Ooooh…sounds wicked.” She pretended to shudder as she snuggled closer and, using the table as cover, slipped a hand between his legs and began to stroke his cock. “And then what do you do?”

“I…umm…” He took a deep breath and grasped her hand to stop it from straying farther. “I tie them to the bed.”

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