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July 11, 2015:

For this, the 100th edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from Double Delicious. This book won “The Best of 2008” award from Allromanceebooks (I think it actually made second place for the whole year) and it still remains my No.1 best seller. I thought about doing a sequel or follow-up, but there are some stories where I feel it’s best to leave whatever happens next to the readers’ imagination:


By Christiane France

Suzie Nield has been fantasizing about Matt Porter and Mike Hanes for weeks, ever since moving into the house across the street from the handsome duo. Unbeknownst to Suzie, however, Matt and Mike have been doing the same thing regarding her...
Yet except for the occasional smile or wave in passing, the trio never does more than fantasize. In fact, Suzie is fast coming to the conclusion the men are either painfully shy, which she seriously doubts, or that the pleasure-seeking playboys, as one of the other neighbors describes them, are the kind of men who are more interested in picking up babes and putting notches on their bedposts than they are in developing adult relationships.
But on Friday the 13th, fantasy becomes reality, and Suzie finally gets to know Mike and Matt. This will be the day she loses everything important in her life, and the day the sexy duo asks her to be the one thing that is missing in theirs...

...“What’s the problem?” Matt asked. “Can’t sleep?”

“No. I tried, but…” She shrugged and fiddled with the belt of her robe. “You know how it goes sometimes.”

He smiled. “Matter of fact, I’m having the same problem myself. Maybe we need something to settle us down.”

“You figure?” She gave him a flirty smile and ran the tip of her tongue along her upper lip. “And just what do think might accomplish that?”

“I might have a couple of ideas.” The smile turned into a lascivious grin, and he opened the door wide. Suzie went to step inside, then paused and sucked in a quick breath when she realized not only was Matt completely naked, he wasn’t alone. Mike was lying, spread-eagled, on the king-sized bed, naked as the day he was born, with his eyes closed and the loveliest erection jutting straight out from his crotch that she’d seen in…considerably longer than she cared to think about. She drew in another, deeper breath and let it out slowly. Was this an invitation to party? Or was this what she’d thought they were into the first time she saw them?

“You wanna join us?”

“Join you?” She hesitated, positive there must be something wrong with her hearing. If the guys were gay, gay men didn’t…or did they? Although, bearing in mind the way each of them had come on to her earlier, maybe they swung both ways. “I…umm…I don’t know…I…Betts…you know the lady who lives up the street, she said you weren’t, that you were… Oh, shit! But now I see she was wrong and that you are. I’m really sorry. Please excuse me for barging in like this. I didn’t know. Just forget I was here. I…I’ll go find that glass of cold—”
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