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By Christiane France 


When Mariette Joubert visits the house where her grandfather was born in Paris, France, she falls through a secret doorway and finds herself in 1763, working as a courtesan in a highclass house of pleasure where the infamous Marquis de Sade and his friends are regular visitors. Exclusive rights to Mariette have already been purchased by wealthy merchant, Philippe de Gaspard, but when one of de Sade’s friends decides he want her, Mariette is in big trouble. The Marquis de Vernnay is reputed to be even worse than de Sade. He also has royal connections, so his wishes take precedence over Philippe’s.


Mariette didn’t need a guidebook or a map to know she’d wandered into an orgy. But how could anyone just wander into something this wild and perverted by mere chance? The existence of sex clubs was no secret. The whole world had them, and everyone knew they were there. But didn’t such establishments have strict rules and tight security to avoid getting raided by the cops?

She took another cautious look around the room. In view of the fancy dress, she wondered if the occupants were re-enactors. She knew most re-enactors spent their weekends re-fighting famous battles from history and living the way people lived a few hundred years ago. So, what was to stop them from re-enacting other historical events if they chose? Le Marquis de Sade had been an historical figure. According to her grandfather, at one time le marquis had been a close friend of a former owner of the house and spent much of his time here.

Her mouth felt dry and her skin prickled with something that felt like a mixture of fear and nervous excitement. If what she’d read about de Sade was true, the man hadn’t been averse to the odd orgy. In fact, the after-dinner orgies were a big part of his infamy. So maybe that’s what the people here were doing. Spending their weekends living life à la de Sade in one of his old haunts.

Convinced she’d solved the mystery, she took a step closer to get a better view of the action. She wasn’t exactly a prude herself, but these guys were really behaving with wild abandon. If any of them had any inhibitions in their regular lives, they’d left them at home tonight.

The naked woman with the kohl-rimmed eyes was now sitting on the young man’s lap. “Touch me,” she instructed loudly. Laying back against his chest, she opened her legs wide and began playing with herself. “I want you to touch me here. Like this, yes? Mmm…it feels so good.”

The young man appeared a little hesitant to do her bidding, so the woman took his hand, opened up her black muff, and tucked his forefinger between the glistening pink folds of her sex. “Rub me like this,” she said, moving his digit back and forth. “And if you’re a very good boy and make me come…” She laughed and tried to make him move his finger a little faster. “I’ll suck your cock as a reward. You would like that, yes?”

The young man’s face was now beet red, but he got the message, and as he redoubled his efforts with the woman’s clit, the couple next to them decided to stop petting and get it on for real.

Mariette watched, her eyes wide, as the man stood up, lifted the woman to waist height and impaled her on his shaft. But then her eyes widened even further as another man joined in the fun. Wrapping his arms around the first man from behind, the second man began ramming his dick up the first man’s butt. And if that wasn’t enough, a third man came forward, opened his pants, grabbed both cheeks of the woman’s butt and did the same thing to her.

Wherever she looked, almost everyone in the room, apart from herself and the four older women, were having at it. There were men going down on women, women going down on men. Twosomes, threesomes, and even foursomes—while the women in the dark dresses and those in period costume just stood and licked their lips as they watched the action.

The room was filled with the sights, sounds and smell of sex. There were moans, groans, and screams, the sucking sounds of cocks going in and out of moist passages, as well as the softer, more urgent sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

Mariette stayed where she was barely able to believe her eyes or her ears. If Bacchanalia was a place, this had to be it. But then the whole audio-visual thing became too much. Her knees sagged, and she felt a rush of moisture between her legs. The scene before her was a bigger turn-on than anything she’d ever seen on late night TV. She felt horny as hell, desperate for release, but no way was she going to join in the re-enactors’ games, or masturbate for the sole purpose of titillating the appetite of anyone who cared to watch.

She needed to sit down and get herself under control. Better yet, she needed to get the hell out of here. But, as she took a backward step, strong arms wrapped around her body from behind.

“You are not feeling well, mademoiselle? Come, let me find somewhere for you to lie down,” a male voice whispered, his hot breath fanning her neck and sending her desire spiraling as he urged her back into the shadows. “Let me do something to make you feel better.”

Her nerves tightened, and she felt another rush of excitement. “And who are you supposed to be?” she asked coyly. “Le Marquis de Sade?”

“You were waiting for le marquis?”

“No. I umm…I just heard that he comes here, so I thought…”

The man’s hands stroked down over her hips as he continued to urge her away from the others. “You wanted to meet him?”

“No. Thank you. I think I’ll pass.”

“A wise choice, mademoiselle. Anyway, he is not here tonight. But from what I know of the man, he does not deserve a beautiful and delicious creature like you—a woman who needs to be loved and who, I am quite certain, enjoys to love in return.”

The voice of the man who held her was like honey on velvet, incredibly soft and persuasive, the kind of voice that could lure a girl into hell and beyond. And the touch of his hands was like nothing she’d ever known before—so gentle, yet so determined. There was no doubt in her mind what he wanted, what he intended to have…

With no other choice in sight, Mariette went with the flow. She knew what would happen when he picked her up in his arms and laid her down on a low bed. She wanted it to happen. In fact, she could hardly wait. She held her breath as she felt his hands pushing up her dress and opening her legs. Then he touched her.

She knew at once this was no inexperienced boy like the one with the naked woman on his lap. This man knew exactly what he was doing and the effect he would produce as he opened her legs wider, and began to stroke her pussy like he was petting a cat.

“You are a virgin, mademoiselle?”


His fingers slipped between her folds, and she held her breath as he gently touched and teased. The need within her started to build.

“I was told there would be virgins here tonight. I was really hoping to find one this time.”

Virgins? What the hell have I got myself into? Mariette asked herself. And how on earth can this man just engage in chitchat like we’re at a tea party and play with my pussy all at the same time?

“You were? Well, sorry to disappoint you.” She swallowed hard, wishing he’d shut up and get busy. She’d never been good at multi-tasking. And trying to keep up with the conversation and enjoy what he was doing to her all that same time was impossible. But virgins yet?

Maybe these people weren’t re-enactors after all. Maybe she was in a brothel, at some kind of white-slave-traffic shindig, or a private club for perverts. It could even be one of those new gentlemen’s clubs that were all the rage back home. Although, only God and the customers knew what went on in those places.

She didn’t have a clue where she was or who she was with, and right now, she didn’t care. She didn’t want to think about anything except the man she was with. He was an accomplished lover by anyone’s standards. His hands were sensational—creating magic wherever they went. And no way did she want him to stop.


By Christiane France 


From lady’s maid to the life of her dreams in one small jump...

In France, Celeste Rousseau knows she’ll be punished for allowing her mistress to escape the amorous intentions of the sexually depraved Marquis de Vernnay. So when Mariette opens a mysterious hidden door and goes through, Celeste, fearful of her fate and seeking escape, blindly follows along.

She has no idea, however, that the door is actually a portal in time, or that she’s about to be transported 250 years into the future and straight into the loving arms of two handsome and sexy twenty-first-century hunks who are more than willing to provide her with everything she’s ever desired.


Listen, learn to fit in and then adapt to change.

Making a silent vow to keep her mother’s advice at the forefront of her mind, Celeste slipped out of the bedroom and down the corridor to the little room with the toilet and the magic light. This was not unlike when she first left the Auvergne and came to Paris. At first, everything had seemed strange and different. And it would be the same this time, too. But already she was starting to learn. Once she became a little more familiar with all these new things, in no time at all it would feel as if she’d been using them her whole life.

Once she was finished with the toilet, she turned out the light and started back toward her bedroom. But halfway along the corridor she paused outside a partly opened door. She could hear soft sounds…whispering, groaning, stifled laughter. In addition, the splash of silvery moonlight across the bed showed her that two persons were there…two persons making love.

Positive Tay had brought another woman into the house, she felt a swift stab of jealousy and moved closer to the door. She had no standing in this house, no right to tell Tay what he could or could not do. And while on one hand she found the thought of Taylor with another woman unbearable, she also found the antics of the couple on the bed exciting. There wasn’t enough light for her to see everything in detail, but just enough for her to imagine it very well indeed. Pushing the door open a little more, she slipped a hand between her legs and watched. But, after a moment or two, she realized that it wasn’t another woman there on the bed with Tay. He was making love with another man.

Was this what he’d meant when he asked if she’d done it with two men? At madame’s house she’d never seen two men together like this. They’d always had at least one woman with them.

As she continued to watch, her eyes adjusted sufficiently to the dim light for her to realize it was Tay who’d just moved over onto his back. And, as the second man grasped Tay’s cock and brought it to his mouth, her fingers found her most sensitive spot and began to move slowly back and forth. The sucking sounds she could hear as the man drew Tay’s sex farther into his mouth made her fingers move faster. Then faster still as she caught the smell of their sex as well as her own.

She was almost there, just another tiny moment or two and then…as a satisfied groan escaped her lips, the action on the bed ceased and both men turned to the door.

“Celeste? That you?”

She thought about running back to her room and locking the door. But she couldn’t stay locked in there forever. And, as the only other person in the house, who else could it be? Anyway, she’d developed an interesting little itch between her legs, and considerable curiosity at the exciting thought of being with two men at the same time.



“You have a nightmare or something?”

“No. I just needed to pee.” She remained in the doorway, unsure whether she should go or stay. But then she shivered.

“Something wrong, baby?”

“Umm…I’m a little chilled. It’s a very cold night.”

Like all the other rooms in the house, Tay’s room had a magic light, and he switched it on. The instant he did so, she was able to see the second man. Dark-haired like Tay, he had brown eyes instead of green, and he was about the same size, except maybe a tiny bit taller.

Both men were completely naked and still fully aroused. And while it was clear the second man hadn’t finished what he’d started, she was glad to see her unexpected arrival had done nothing to spoil his pleasure…except perhaps delay it for a moment. And perhaps enhance it, too?

“You want to join us?”

Celeste hesitated. “I’m sorry. I’m afraid I interrupted. If you wish, I can leave. Or I can wait here until you finish.”

“You don’t want to join us?” Tay sounded disappointed.

“I think this little chickadee likes to watch,” the second man said with a chuckle. “Hey, Celeste, I’m Jase, Tay’s partner. Tay’s told me about you.” He patted a corner of the huge bed. “Why you don’t you make yourself comfortable over here? Slip under the blankets, and when we’re finished, we’ll see what we can do about warming you up. Sound good?”

It sounded better than good to Celeste. She could hardly wait. But she merely smiled and nodded, and did as the second man bade her, sitting down on a corner of the bed and covering herself with part of the blanket.

The man who called himself Jase appeared to have already forgotten about her as he returned his attention to stroking Tay’s body and sucking him off. But as her hand crept below her shirt again, she noticed Tay was watching her watch the two of them. And when he winked at her, she knew he’d guessed exactly where her fingers were and what they were doing.

Just watching the two men with their beautiful big cocks pleasuring one another had made her so wet and so ready. She ran her tongue over her lips. She couldn’t believe she was here, or what was happening. It had to be a dream, and in a moment, she’d wake up in that cold basement room, and hear Justine and the other girl snoring, or moaning in their sleep.

But as she watched Jase pull back and lick the tip of Tay’s still-aroused sex, she knew this was no dream, no fanciful imaginations from which she would awake and find herself wet but alone. She could hear their sighs and moans of delight, she could see the rapturous expressions on their faces, and the scent of their cum perfumed the air. This moment was very real, and if she could continue to contain her impatience for just another moment, she would have two very handsome men to hold her and perhaps make even the wildest and most outrageous of her imaginings come true.

Just then, a strong arm snaked around her slim waist, and Jase tumbled her down on the pillows beside Tay.

“What’s your pleasure, cherie? Do you want to taste me first, or do I taste you?”

Too surprised by the question to reply, Celeste simply smiled, then found herself emitting small sounds of delight as he slid a hand between her legs and touched her wetness. After a moment, he brought the hand to his mouth and licked a finger, groaning softly. “So sweet and so delicious! Know what, Tay, my man? I think we’ve got ourselves a little candy apple here.”

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