Sunday, June 7, 2015


By KC Kendricks and Christiane France

Michael Brookes’ life took an unexpected direction when he found the Taylor mansion, a two-story Colonial perfect for a Bed & Breakfast. An untenured college professor, he suddenly became a successful entrepreneur. And best of all, he met sexy deputy Colin Jefferson and they hit it off in a big way. He’s even made friends with a ghost. 

Deputy Colin Jefferson is dedicated to his career and to making a life with Michael. Serving the community he loves, he’s well aware of the stories that tell of the Taylor mansion being haunted. Now he’s living there with Michael and Colin knows the stories are true. There’s a ghost with a penchant for wearing denim lurking in his bedroom. 

How (Robin) the ghost came to live in at the B&B is a mystery Michael and Colin need to solve. It’s the only way for their resident spirit to find eternal rest. Until then, the ghost makes three. 


I’d barely had time to assemble the makings of the promised light tea, when Robin appeared in the kitchen doorway.

“Thanks a bunch.”

“For?” I knew exactly what for but I decided to play dumb.

“You use me as the star attraction to get paying guests, and then pretend I don’t exist. I’m deeply hurt. How could you?”

“Because the possibility there might be a ghost is far more intriguing than knowing we do for sure. Satisfied?”

“I guess.” He came into the room and wandered around, looking at this and that before sitting on the corner of the table. “Just think what fun it would be if they woke up in the night and found me tucked snugly between them. Can’t you just hear their screams now?”

I whipped around and fixed him with a stern glare. “Don’t you dare do that. Don’t even think about it.”

“Okay, but it’ll cost you.”

I couldn’t imagine what he had in mind but I just knew I wouldn’t like it. “Cost me how?” 


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