Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Release - VALENTINE'S INN - Paranormal romance


By Chris Grover


Rianna Gordon can’t decide if she should sell Valentine’s Inn—a 19th-century structure built by her great-great-grandfather—to a developer or if she should figure out a way to keep it. While she’s trying to make up her mind, an older man shows up carrying a stray kitten he just found and introduces himself as Josh Byford. The kitten is wet and cold, and Rianna and Josh spend time drying him off and making sure he’s okay. While doing this, Rianna lists all the reasons she should sell the inn, but Josh keeps coming up with arguments to talk her out of it.

Eventually, Rianna agrees to at least research the costs of keeping the inn. In the process, she’s introduced to Alan, an attractive and intriguing man who owns a winery, looks a bit like Josh, and is interested in investing in the inn for the purpose of showcasing and selling his wines.

Excited, Rianna rushes back to the inn and tells Josh the good news, who seems happy for her. But sometime later, when Alan visits, Josh and the kitten mysterious disappear. Even stranger, the boxes Rianna made up for the kitty—one with kitty litter and the other for his bed—have also vanished, seemingly into thin air.

What would explain the abrupt disppearance of both man and kitten? And considering the resemblance between Josh and Alan, could there be a connection between the men of which Rianna is unaware? 


...After checking the downstairs living quarters, the main storeroom, and the dining room, they were about to go upstairs to look when Rianna noticed the door leading to the front portion of the inn was open a crack. Just wide enough for a curious kitten to slip through.

Turning on the light, she pushed the door wide open. The fire that had forced the inn to close had started around suppertime. A spark from a burning log in the lounge fireplace had gone unnoticed. In no time at all, the once elegant, part wallpapered, part wood-paneled and carpeted reception, lounge and bar area had been completely engulfed in the flames. Nothing was left now but a few shreds of faded red-flocked wallpaper clinging to blackened walls, bare floors and a gaping hole where the huge, log-burning fireplace had once been.

As she turned to look the length of the room, remembering how it had once been, with the red patterned carpet and the red and black chairs and sofas arranged in front of the fireplace, she noticed the faint scent of violets. It reminded her of— She frowned. It was her ninth birthday, and someone had given her a huge bunch of big purple violets. A boy…a boy about her own age. Except she couldn’t quite recall who…

As memories crowded her mind, Rianna touched a curl of loose wallpaper with the tip of a finger. She and her parents had always spent the holidays here at the inn. First with her grandparents, then later when it was just Uncle Bill. Josh was right, the inn had never lacked for guests, especially at Christmas and New Year. The upstairs bedrooms were often booked months in advance, but a spot had always been found for Rianna and her parents. Sometimes they’d slept in her grandparent’s spare bedroom in the living quarters next to the kitchen, or on the sofa in the parlor. And once, when she was about ten, she’d brought her sleeping bag and slept in front of the fire here in the lounge.

She’d always loved coming home to the inn for Christmas—the sleigh rides, the snowball fights, and playing hide-and-go-seek with the children whose parents worked at the inn. And then there had been that cute dark-haired boy she’d had such a huge crush on. If she remembered correctly his father had been a chef or something in the inn kitchen. Now, she couldn’t even remember the boy’s name...

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